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Live a happy hundred years? They eat tubers and wear rags, says science

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Academic studies, which we did not feel the need for, showed that in the world we wear old clothes and go nowhere, feed on roots, and if we knew how to look at a glass half full, we would live longer and with a stupid smile on our lips.

And so in the end The meaning of life is to live in poverty and endure suffering. Zeno or Saint Francis does not say but This is what emerged from the coupling between two recent scientific studies: one from Boston Universitywho completed more than half a century of analysis on the relationship between longevity and optimism; The other, from the University of Leeds, who outlined the six activities by which humans can save the planet with their way of life. The results of the two surveys were published almost simultaneously though independently, and reveal how to live happily for a long time and in a beneficial way.
It cannot be said that researchers in Boston have revealed to us something we did not already suspect, among clichés and empirical conjectures. Briefly, Data considered from 1961 to today reveal that pessimists accumulate more stress about events in their lives, take longer to recover from adversity and necrosis to the point of shortening, as well as obscuring, their existence.. On the other hand, optimists don’t worry so much about setbacks, whether they are minimal or maximal, they just have more fun and live a hundred years. As for why one person is optimistic and another is pessimistic, Boston University does not dare to explain.

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Well, thanks, you have to answer. Otherwise, meanwhile, the news from Leeds shows us how a complete environmental catastrophe could have occurred – Although the pandemic at the beginning and the war later have brought the environmental emergency back to a slightly honorable third place – We can do something concrete to prolong life, not our life but the planet, by a few centuries, by lowering the Earth’s temperature by one and a half degrees. Eat vegetables, buy up to three clothes a year, keep appliances for at least seven years, and take a plane every three years (every eight if you travel abroad), Get rid of cars and motorcycles, turn your home into green energy sources.

Well, thanks, you should answer here too. However, the significance of both papers, and their remarkable compatibility, is that they boast that they have scientifically proven for the first time what had previously been left to erroneous intuition, for abstract discussion: how to live better and what our role in the universe is. In short, we in the world wear old clothes and go nowhere, feeding on the roots; It may sound bold, but if we knew how to look at a glass half full, we would have a longer tooth and a stupid smile printed on our lips.. In short, if your washer breaks down after three years and you have to wait four years before replacing it, the important thing is not to get angry and trust that you still have room to buy another replacement by December, knowing the planet will be. Grateful for you when you’re underground. On the other hand, if you are bothered by the idea of ​​not being able to go on vacation for years and having to reach any of your destinations on foot, then the mistake is on you: you are a pessimist, so you will die first.

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However, it has been underestimated, it is a historical turning point. For two thousand five hundred years or more, the task of urging man to actually lead the good life has been left to philosophy which, being not an exact science, has resorted to contradictory speculations, in effective parables which never solve anything. Suddenly However It was enough to do the math to understand what to do and what not to do, in order to guarantee happiness, longevity and cosmic harmony: three goals that humanity has long sought in vain but are available as of this week. Be organized, just adapt. On the other hand, if after reading the results of this research you continue to get angry because you are stuck in traffic, instead of leaving the car at once and running to bite leaves in rags, it is because you are not. Optimistic enough to live a long and happy life out of hardship.

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