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Opinion: ‘COVID-19 and Science’ – Waterkant

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[INGEZONDEN] The COVID-19 pandemic, which emerged about two years ago from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, has a lot to do with the impact of science.

Scientists are the most intellectual and educated people on the planet, in every field and in every sector, and they continue to develop their knowledge and skills. The goal is usually to find answers to questions or discover what is unknown or hidden from humanity.

It seems that the science practiced by man has no limits and new discoveries, discoveries and theories are constantly being made.

All this with the aim of providing more opportunities for humanity in this life. Science increases, extends, or decreases what nature has given us. With years of research and experiences, science brings discoveries and solutions in times of need and increases the comfort of people’s lives. In short, science continues to evolve and serves the interest of mankind.

But what we overlook is that the sword can cut either way. When scientists are selfless, enthusiastic, and enthusiastic about their experiments, there is danger. Sometimes, and all too often, things go wrong and the consequences of failure are immeasurable. The fact that we now look with great interest at our nature and the suspended survival of mankind, and chiefly all the new inventions of scientists, has negatively affected nature. Naturalists, technology, and medicine, among others, began to tinker with the elements of nature with their creativity, ingenuity, and intelligence. Under the heading “importance” of the human being.

Let us not forget that in order to produce bigger and better honey, two species of bees were crossed far from one region (South America and Africa). As a result, we now have a very deadly and frightening “Brazilian bee” on Earth, which will soon be found in the Arctic itself.

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Another example is the massive destruction of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima (Japan) during World War II, which shocked the world and the negative consequences are still visible today. Some countries, instead of stopping, developed this science, which led to a high probability of complete destruction of the Earth.

Another example is the science of “Genetically Modified Organisms” (GMOs) in agriculture, which has made the entire global food chain dependent on a few organizations like “MONSANTO” and “BAYER”.

What we see with this is that science is not always in the best interest of humans. On the contrary, it can be said that it is science that will lead to mass destruction.

All these konimang must be koni to know that nature must be left alone. Why should we keep black and white tigers? Why should we grow tomatoes the size of a pumpkin? Answer: for the money. Inventions make scientists millionaires. It is commerce that motivates science to continue experiments without limits, which will one day lead to self-destruction.

And if something goes wrong, we bring back the science to find a cure. In essence, it means that “the vandal must deliberately put out the fire.”

Unfortunately, we also need to point a finger in the direction of science regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. If it was the Chinese or the Americans who started experimenting with viruses, the fact remains that the damage has already been done in this virus and humanity is paying the price. Economies are collapsing, a global recession is shaking the world, and many people are dying. All because some fools were joking with nature.

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Perhaps governments should place more limits on science in every field, and perhaps science should be banned as well. We must live with the belief that it is nature, not man, that brings the solutions.

The COVID-19 virus was taken from nature for the experiment and escaped from the lab and spread across the world with all the drama as a result.

Science has rapidly developed many of the vaccines that we now rely on if we are to survive.

However, all those scientists who are the causative agent can not find a solution to get rid of this virus permanently. The science doesn’t seem to help here either.

So it is not surprising that people no longer believe in science. With the development of COVID-19, the science has become unreliable for us. New and often contradictory theories, insights, and approaches are constantly emerging. Meanwhile, people die and the pain doesn’t go away.

Governments are urging people to get vaccinated because the infection rate is high and the consequences of infection can be catastrophic.

The difference between a vaccine and an infection is:

  • Vaccination is an option while infection is a natural consequence.
  • The vaccine is not alive and cannot reproduce, while the contamination is a microorganism that multiplies rapidly.
  • The vaccine was developed by humans, while contamination with the virus comes from our nature.

In any case, both the vaccine and the infection (if he survives) will increase the individual’s resistance. Which of the two options do you choose?

If the Omicron variant, which has not been developed by humans, is detected as one of the many variants of COVID-19, the ‘broeja’ in the world as well as in Suriname becomes even greater. This is because this type appears to be more contagious. We do not yet know what this development will entail.

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If this variant turns out to have milder effects and increases the level of resistance against the delta variant, the Omicron variant could be the answer to all our future miseries. If so, we certainly owe it not to science, but to nature. It is nature that is constantly trying to clean up the debris caused by humans. If science continues to experiment with COVID-19 variants, we will surely have signed our own death warrant.

The message: “Science leaves nature alone”

My condolences to the families of the Covid-19 victims.

Omar T.

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