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List Announcement – Women’s Olympic Qualifiers

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Field Hockey Canada unveils its 2024 Olympic Hockey Qualifying Team

Field Hockey Canada is proud to present the 18-player roster that will represent Canada in the anticipated 2024 Olympic Hockey Qualifiers in Valencia, Spain. This tournament, scheduled from January 13 to 21, 2024, represents the last opportunity for qualifications for the 2024 Olympic Games.

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Having secured their place during the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, where the team placed fourth, the Canadians are preparing for the challenges ahead. The road to the Olympics includes a challenging competition involving eight teams divided into two groups, with the top three winners earning their coveted spots. There is a simultaneous eight-team tournament being held in India in the same format and three teams also qualify. 12 teams qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris.

Paul A Paul B
Belgium Great Britain
Korea Spain
Ireland Canada
Ukraine Malaysia

The team comes out of a month-long training period after the Pan American Games with several smaller camps built into their training. Head coach Danny Curry said the team had reflected, learned and built from the Pan Ams during their coaching tenure.

We ran an excellent camp focusing on learning areas from the Pan Am Games. This will put us in a good position against Valencia.” “We understand that in terms of classification, historically we are the underdogs in the tournament. We also know that we will be well prepared, tactically and physically ready for the next games and we will be together as a team.

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Maintaining the starting lineup for the Pan American Games, the team introduces Grace Delmotte and Dani Hussar and activates Marcia Laplante from the reserve list. This strategic continuity from Santiago builds on team chemistry and adds depth to an already talented roster.

The mix of experience and youth is a hallmark of this Canadian squad, from rookie Dani Husar to seasoned veteran Sarah McManus, who has an impressive 211 caps under her belt. McManus, along with strong players such as Carly Johansen, Nat Sorriso, Cat Leahy, Elise Wong and goalkeeper Rowan Harris, form a veteran core with invaluable experience, having played in Ireland’s 2019 qualifiers. Kerry said the team will rely on its veteran group of players to show the way when it comes to playing in these high-stakes events. Everyone will have to make an impact for Canada to come out on top.

We have a small core of players who understand the nature of Olympic qualifying tournaments, and understand how to build on that experience. “Equally, we have a vibrant group that is looking forward to moving forward and looking forward to the tournament,” Kerry said.

Standing on the brink of history, the Canadian women’s hockey team aims to return to the Olympic stage for the first time since the 1990s. After a triumphant qualification for the World Cup, the team is determined to repeat that success and etch its name into the annals of Canadian Olympic hockey history. The entire nation is eagerly awaiting this exciting journey in Valencia, where our women’s team will strive to make a mark on the world stage once again.

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Canada’s women’s field hockey team He has a chance to make it History, with the aim of returning to the Olympic stage for the first time since the 1990s. After triumphant qualification for the 16-team World Cup In 2022The team is determined to repeat this success.

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