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The United States, a distant duel in Florida between Trump and the “hypocrite” DeSantis-

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From Viviana Mazza

The former president calls the governor, the fiercest competitor in 2024 who has 10 points in opinion polls from January to today.

From our report to Latrobe (Pennsylvania) – Donald Trump declared: “We’re winning the nomination a lot in the Republican Party, in a way we’ve never seen before.” We see: Trump 71%, Ron de Sanctimonios 10%, Mike Pence by 7%. Oh, Mike is better than I imagined.. Liz Cheney? There is no way it is 4%! impossible…”.

On Saturday evening, on the tarmac at La Trobe Airport, among thousands of supporters from rural Pennsylvania who had queued for two hours to see him, Trump announced he would not do so immediately. The official announcement of his coming to the field For the 2024 presidential election in order not to “divert attention” from the candidates in Midterm vote tomorrow (“But I promise you, you will be very happy in a very short time.”). Then he has a series of slides displayed on the big screen: Polls that would show him victorious Whether in the party primaries or in the confrontation with Joe Biden. Finally, he coined one of his infamous titles for the strongest contender for the nomination: Florida Governor DeSantis, The alias is DeSanctimonious (fanatic, hypocritical). Apparently he tried the nickname with friends for a few weeks and ignored the others: fat, grouchy. But the scan is not up to date: to scan for Morning political advice
DeSantis (who has not yet officially applied) got 10 points, From 14% in January to 24% in October. On the other hand, Trump is still at 49%, bolstered by a subculture that combines love of the leader and ostracism of traditional politicians, even Republicans, while embracing the party’s traditional cultural battles, from abortion to immigration, with evangelical fervor (“God is my savior, Trump is my chief,” as summarizing the science).

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In rallies on the opposite beaches of Florida yesterday Trump and DeSantis faced each other from a distance It caused domestic political difficulties that were forced to choose: Donald was there to support Senator Marco Rubio; The governor was not invited. The ex-president should feel his breath on his neck. Ron’s wife, former TV presenter Casey DeSantis, who is of Italian and Catholic descent, posted a video explaining how on the eighth day (after a break), God created DeSantis. “God looked at the paradise that he was planning and said: I need a protector. God created the Mujahid.”

DeSanto? There’s not much to joke about, because this family man reminds Republicans that they can have a younger, more storied version of Trump, without any side effects (investigations included). Removing masks and remote lessons in schools during the pandemic, and stimulating “al-Qaeda” with provocations such as Sending a plane full of immigrants to the rich liberals From the generosity of Martha, DeSantis has modeled himself on the Trump brand. He also followed the idea of ​​Trump cards, badges for the most loyal funders. What if Trump appointed three important Supreme Court justices to eliminate them? ru vs. valleyFederal Protection for Abortion, DeSantis said he is “proud” of its founding Prohibition of termination of pregnancy after 15 weeks, cIt has no exceptions in cases of rape or incest, bans gender identity education in schools until age nine, and yesterday hormone therapy for transgender minors.

The ex-president resents this ‘thanksgiving’as Trumpists define him, and he has said repeatedly that when DeSantis asked him in 2018 to agree to become governor, “nobody knew him,” but Donald was going to issue a “little tweet, bing bing” that would have instantly catapulted him from 3% to 20%. DeSantis will be reappointed as governor tomorrowIn a televised debate, however, he declined to say whether he was prepared to commit himself throughout his four years in office. Trump probably thinks he can still dissuade him. swipe the tv Fox For a poll showing the contender at the top, he retweeted presenter Megyn Kelly (who had insulted her previously) because she said so DeSantis can only win if Trump chooses “not to run or die.” But Peter Thiel, Joe Rogan, and possibly Elon Musk might prefer it. If Trump’s candidates don’t move into the midterms, it could embolden DeSantis, who is now trying not to alienate the voter sympathy spurred by allegations of fraud in 2020, while giving the Senate a endorsement of one of those desperately-wanted Republicans. another thing.

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