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Lilo and Greg are “women’s idols”: the duo’s new comedy at the cinema

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Between surreal comedy and character exchanges, their second film as directors after “DNA – Decisamente Non Adapatti” will be released in cinemas starting April 14.

Filippo (Francesco Arca) is the most handsome and wanted model around. He is not distinguished by his wit and intelligence, on the contrary, but incredibly sexy. However, it is unfortunate that due to an accident, Filippo has to undergo a plastic process that distorts his properties causing him to wake up with a completely different face and body, and a differently beautiful… (Lilo). Desperate and less and less demanding, the new Filippo (Lillo) turns into the only person who can teach him to please women by focusing on sensuality and dialectic rather than on the body: Max (Greg), the greatest and most sought-after Gigolo of all time. , mysteriously withdrew from the tour. Despite training with Max, Filippo continues to lose clients. But one day, for some mysterious reason, a young and beautiful Colombian girl named Juanita (Marina) decides to take advantage of Filippo’s services. It is unfortunate that Juanita is the daughter of two very dangerous drug smugglers: Joaquim (Corrado Guzante) and Maria (Elaria Spada). Filippo and Max’s problems are just beginning…

As Lilo puts it: “The idea is that if you were born not beautiful, you should necessarily focus on the other qualities. Even as a teenager with girls, I always tried to make them laugh. The only way was. The problem was that they kept laughing. Even then, in intimacy” . “Me and the teacher of seduction? Like him, I often retire alone. In general, I read, listen to music, play, meditate. From a certain age onwards, one begins to think about one’s existence on this planet. I am attached to currents such as Wiccans and neo-pagans “, As Greg says. “Instead, I throw myself on Amatrichiana,” Lilo sighs. With two famous characters as well, the comedy also aims to bring audiences and very young people back to cinemas, which are often still empty.

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