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Myriam Lyon nude, confessed love leaves everyone speechless

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Now we all know Myriam Lyon’s career and her remarkable rise in show business. The woman, in fact, has come a long way since winning Miss Italy, and has managed to become the undisputed protagonist of the Diabolic saga from Manetti Bros.

After all, you never give up in the face of difficulties, and show how with commitment and sacrifice you can make your dreams come true. Among other things, in the latest post published by the actress in Instagram We were able to see a true love letter to his work.

Myriam Leon picked up Georgie’s song during a break from the group Diabolik

Myriam Leon –

It all started with a video that was recorded unbeknownst to Myriam Lyon by her hairdresser Luca Pompezi. The man, in fact, would have resumed the artist singing a song Georgian, Historical cartoons from the 80’s. For her, this was, in fact, a useful pause from filming to detach and regain focus.

As explained in the post, so, specifically, this beautiful curtain was supposed to be laid before filming the finale of the first Diabolic movie. As Leon explained, this was “a pause moment for any exceptional business.”

With this sentence, the woman wanted to emphasize that in order to be a professional it is not necessary to take herself too seriously and to enjoy more every experience on the site and not. Among other things, Myriam used the position to thank the various nominations she received in silver ribbons.

The actress explained how she loves her job

Diabolik: In the sequels, an international actor in the role of the hero
diabolic –

Obviously, though, as we mentioned, to get this far, it took a lot of professional training and, obviously, some compromise. For example, the actress very jokingly noted how excited she was at the idea of ​​impersonating Eva Kent that she stopped coloring her hair exclusively for her.

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After auditioning for the role of Diabolik’s “partner”, Leon starred alongside Pier Francesco Favino in the movie I run to you. Among other things, this latest film was released in a very complicated period of the pandemic and for this reason the actress wanted to thank all her followers for the support they gave the film.

We also know that the girl has never rested and that in recent months she continues to shoot the second and third movie dedicated to the most wonderful thief in the world of comedy.

I run to you
I run from Te-

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