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Liguria that wins: how many wins in sports

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Yet it is moving. Genoa sport asks for space in Sampdoria and Genoa. 2023 will be remembered for some non-trivial meaningless promotions, and not only did Grifone win the second division.

It’s impossible not to start from the historic Superba hockey game. Promoted to A1 field hockey series two days early thanks to +10 in standings over HC Riva. It’s been sixteen years since a Genoa team returned to the A1 and the last one was Superba, testifying to the feat of the boys coached by Di Nardo and Barchi.

After the Federal Cup, they reach the second National Series, behind the Elite. President Enrico Medda can rejoice. Behind the program is a program in collaboration with directors Pierluigi Carrera, Alessandro Spalaso, Egidio Nicora and Alessio Fiorenza. Victory comes from afar, since 2009, when he started a great job with the youth team and this year we saw results with different Carrera, Kotto, Crovito and Clevis Siva. Also of interest are the foreigners, the trio from Ghana, with their mother Bah, now an adoptive Genoese. The extraordinary success of field hockey in Ravano is an affirmation of continued business. Lagaccio field ready for new generations.

The lack of adequate facilities extinguished the passion for basketball in Genoa, which, however, is simmering. Vallacanestro Sestri won the Serie C Silver title thanks to the success of “Te Benedetti” in the decisive match 5 against Tegulio Sport. Then he took over from the Next Step Academy, which had just been conquered on the field by a student of Rabal, to participate in the new Interregional B with 96 teams, distributed into four groups.

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In the pyramid of tournaments, the second division will be leading with thirty-six formations, A2 with twenty-eight and the elite sixteen represented by A1. Since 2008, after the closure of the Vertonani brothers’ YF 2000, no Genoa team has participated in the IV men’s basketball league. A sign not to be underestimated, an act of bravery by President Davide Mariotti.

The elite in water polo is also expanding behind star Pro Recco. On Friday 23 June, in the municipality, the return of RN Camogli to Serie A1 was celebrated, much more than a simple team. The finish line was achieved ten years later, precisely in the season of farewell to Vio Marciani, the black and white icon of water polo, who passed away last December.

Camogli replaces Bogliasco, who, with Rapallo, maintains a position at the highest level in the women’s field. Both teams were eliminated in the first qualifying round by Orizonte Catania, who later became champions of Italy, and by Trieste. The team in Serie A1 increases with the arrival of the American Luca Locatelli, who, after an extraordinary comeback in the decisive match, beat Ancona in Ciorba last June 11. The decisive goal 11-9 by Madalena Minotto, blue U15, nine seconds from the end, useful to honor the team of very athletic opponents and coach Melko Pace, a historic appeal, because something similar, with the same opponent, also sanctioned the jump to Serie A2.

As for field hockey Superba, a job that started a long time ago, in 2020, when coach Stefano Carbone decided to focus on a group of very young girls. Correct selection, it confirms, for the second year in a row, of the “Otters”, as they are nicknamed, in three national finals U16, U18 and U20, reserved for the eight best Italian teams. Nursery as Locatelli’s flagship is now more than ever at the top.

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