September 23, 2023

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“A car explosion in the town square…”

“A car explosion in the town square…”

Viterbo – Sciannimanico (Cattlelia): “It will be one of the horror scenes of the movie that Disney will shoot in Viterbo” – this morning the show in the council chamber

by Daniel Camille

Simona Chianimanico

Viterbo – Explosion in Piazza del Comune and the front outside Porta San Pietro. They will only be two of the scenes of the new Disney movie that will be filmed in part in Viterbo. Made in Italy by Cattleya.

Horror film – said Simona Chianimanico of Cattleya – whose hero was a novice nun named Angelica. A film that will involve more than 450 annexes and more than 850 beds throughout the Viterbo region“.

The film will be filmed throughout the Historic Center from October 4 to 15, the title of the film is The Jackal. Main days 10, 11 and 12 in Piazza del Comune. The city of Viterbo will be mentioned in the credits. Among the expected cast are some who have already portrayed Throne of Swords.

Emmanuel Masotti

Emmanuel Masotti

This morning, the press conference for the presentation at the City Council Chamber in Viterbo. Together with Catlea, with Sciannimanico, there is also Emmanuel Masotti, there is also the mayor Chiara Frontini, consultants for economic development and urban planning, respectively Silvio Franco and Emmanuel Aron, cultural adviser Alfonso Antonio, communicator, logistical assistant and president of Pro loco Irene Temperini.

In plebiscito . square – Follow Sciannimanico – We’re going to blow up a car with an extra 450 pieces. In Porta San Pietro there will be a strong impact between two cars at night. Here we will share about eighty additions. The scenes will be shot inside the Palazzo dei Papi in part of the stables and along the stairs under the loggia“.

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the offer

the offer

The project, filmed in part in Viterbo but set in Rome, tells of an American girl who is sent to Italy in an orphanage. A novice nun named Angelica. There are controversial characters in this orphanage. One of them needs help. The whole movie is about this story and the relationships that stem from it. The historical context is finally that of the 1970s with the clashes and urban warfare in the field.

production house – Temperni explained – He will reimburse all possible inconvenience caused by commercial activities during filming“.

Emmanuel Aron and Irene Temperney

Emmanuel Aron and Irene Temperney

“The municipal administration considers it a duty to support and encourage production of this caliber in our city – Mayor Frontini emphasized – for the relevant activities that it will bring. It will involve the entire historic center and this will include temporary changes in traffic and the use of some places.”

This production – Franco explained – It will stop for about ten days at various places in our lands“.

“It is an impressive production – concluded Aaron – that will have an important impact on the city. We have formed a working group to coordinate everything. Citizens will be constantly informed of all potential inconveniences.”

Daniel Camille

September 26, 2022