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EXCELLENCE B LIVE: Albese-Alba Calcio 0-2 Derby, ST. Follow us live! –

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Albis Alba Calcio: This afternoon from Raw 14,30 In the Augusto Manzo Stadium in San Cassiano, AlbaThe derby is in effect The seventeenth and last day of group B going to excellence.

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Official lineups

Base: Bosia, Massucco, Orlando, Negro, Prizio, Carfora, Chiatellino, Pirrotta, Pasqualone, Celeste, Rossetto.
Available: Giaccardi, Lomelo, Sirlini, Lobardo, Sessa, Ziggio, Atomi.
Coach: Gianluca Provia.

Alba Calcio: Corradino, Coppola, Arkaxhiu, Cena, Esposito, Feraru, Cornero, Ozara, Erbini, Galasso, Nania.
Available: Costamagna, Cinquemani, Dieye, Guienne, Dell’Anno, Medda, Desantis, Rossi, Zara.
Coach: Salvatore Telesca.

Rule: Spinelli di Cuneo (helpers: Budianu di Torino and Stevanin di Nichelino).

Marker: 14° Cornero (alternating current), 42° cornero (alternating current).

Noticeable: Clear but cool afternoon, stadium in good condition. More than 200 spectators attended. Ammonites Carfora, Prezio, Perrota (A).

first half:

Before the match, there was a minute’s silence in memory of Mario Sobrero (who passed away at the age of 85), father of Alba Sport City Councilman (Daniele) and grandfather of manager Alba Calcio (Cristian). ). Guests are on the field with mourners on their arms. In the stands, Mayor Carlo Bo was present.

Play! Albese on the field in a red and white suit, Alba Calcio in a red “cruciform” uniform on a white field and with blue additions;

4′: Celeste left from 16 metres, the ball ending high over the bar but not too far;

14′: Alba Calcio 0-1! Cornero fixed with the right foot, copied from the left in the opponent’s area, and the ball is under the opposite goal.

The Brovia guys try to respond to the flaw, but the Telesca team responds with order and few spaces (allowed);

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Half an hour close to Manzo in San Cassiano, Albisse Alba Calcio always 0-1;

32 ‘: Albese defense rejects two poisonous balls placed in the area by Alba Calcio, then the long action continues and Cornero shoots in the opposite direction, the opponent turns away from a corner kick. Dangerous guests and looking for a double;

40′: a free kick hit by Pirrotta at the right corner of the opponent’s area, header from Carfora and the ball ending high over the bar;

42′: Albus-Alba Calcio 0-2! Gallasso’s cross from the left, Cornero’s header in the middle of the penalty area and the ball running behind Boscia in the lower corner (on his left). Unleash Guest Number 7, prop author.

The first break ends without recovery, Alba Calcio’s advantage is double over Albisi’s house (0-2).

the other half:

Derby restarted, no changes!

4′: Chiatellino’s right, from the edge of the area, but the ball ends at the bottom;

8′: yellow for Berrotta who drops Irbeni near the penalty area line;

13′: Erbini-Prizio duel in the run, left in guest area No. 9 and Bosia makes the ball his own;

15′: Albus-Alba Calcio 0-2;

21′: Alba is very close to 0-3! Nania tames the ball in the area with a strong left right, but the goal is over the crossbar.

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