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“Let’s cancel the English language.” Zemmour’s trend that defies the European Union

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after Britain’s exit from the European UnionThe official language of the European Union must not be English. The proposal comes from the French sovereign right candidate, Eric Zemmour. If he becomes president, announce In the past few hours in front of journalists, the essayist and direct competitor of Marine Le Pen, Valerie Pécresse and the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron, will ask:That European meetings stop systematically in English. There are other languages ​​in Europe. There is French and German and there are great languages ​​in Europe and we don’t need to speak English now that English is gone.Zemmour insisted that his position was not dictated by his English which leaves something to be desired. The sovereign candidate also suggested eliminating English language teaching in primary schools to make students focus. on the French. “The burden must be cast on the French language and on the mathematical calculus, where there is an unprecedented collapse“Announced in the past few hours in an interview with BfmTv.

The issue of identity at the heart of the French presidential elections

The debate over English that Zemmour launched – just when Macron took over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, until June 30 – suggests that the subject of French identity is one of the central themes of the presidential election campaign. . Last November, as already mentioned in the columns of this post, the entry to Petit Robert, the Garzanti dictionary equivalent, for the neuter pronoun “iel”, “the” (he) and “elle” (lei”), used by people who define themselves as “non-binary” and therefore do not recognize themselves as either male or female. To protest this decision, some party members in walking By the outgoing President Emmanuel Macron, including MP François Jollivier: a political move dictated – also – by the desire to blow votes from the right to the identity of Zemour and Le Pen.

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Therefore, among the themes of identity, language is one of the central elements. For the European Union, Brexit has – so far – not changed the papers on the table: the linguistic dominance of English, the bloc’s official language since 1973, has not yet been questioned, although it may be one of the issues the French presidency is addressing. . As mentioned wiredAccording to the latest Eurostat data, English is the most studied foreign language in secondary education in the European Union. More than 87% of pupils studied English at upper secondary education in 2018. It is followed by English (19%) and German and Spanish (both about 18%). Overall, English remains the most widely spoken and widely spoken language within the European Union with 47% of Europeans speaking it, followed by German (32%), French (28%) and Italian (18%).

Libra polls, challenge to the right

The far-right candidate is trying to get people to speak for himself and gain support over his rival, Le Pen. As I mentioned beforebehaviorAccording to the latest poll on the first round of the French presidential elections, scheduled for next April 10, outgoing President Emmanuel Macron will be in the lead with 25% of voting intentions and with the three right-wing candidates vying for a place in the ballot: Gaullist Republicans, Valerie Pecres, and nationalists Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour. In the survey by Harris Interactive for Challenges, Pecresse scored 16%, just as Le Pen, while Zemmour ranked one point below 15%. Compared to the previous poll, Macron gains one point, Pecres and Le Pen are unchanged, and Zemmour loses one point. A match between the three right-wing candidates, which will be played with very few votes.

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It is no coincidence that a rivalry arose between Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, which, according to many analysts, threatens to benefit Gaullist Valérie Pecres. Clashes worsened after Zammour endorsed From Peltier cloudsD., a former Republican Vice President and recently appointed campaign speaker for essayist and columnist D le Figaro. For Guillaume Peltier, indeed, Zemmour is “The only candidate who can defeat Emmanuel Macron because he is the only candidate who can gather all the voters of the rightThe former right-wing leader of the Centro Val de Loire regional council added that he had a deep “suspicion” of Republican candidate Valérie Pecres who, according to him, “He’s like Emmanuel MacronFor her part, Le Pen said, according to agency reports behaviorZemmour was accused of deliberately inflating the number of his supporters. “With him everything is always wrongLe Pen attacked, doubting that the Zemour Reconquite movement already has 75,000 supporters and 9 million euros to fund the election campaign.It has no bounce leverage and will finish the campaign less than 10%Le Pen pressed. In this war of words, Zemmour defined Le Pen’s candidacy as ‘routine,’ and presented it asArlette Lagler from the nationalist right“With Macron virtually assured of making it to the polls, the real battle is OK. Who will challenge the outgoing president?

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