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15 Starting Teams, 7 Italians, Making Their Unterland Cavaliers Debut – OA Sport

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The 2022-2023 edition of the Alpine Hockey League is officially presented. The Ice Hockey Transnational League is ready for it Seventh EditionWhich will start in the evening of September 10. There will be 15 teams at the start of the competition, 7 of them Italian, 1 Austrian and 1 Slovenian.

What will be the planned innovations? title holder Migros Asiago Hockey Supermarket and the VEU Feldkirch They decided to land in Ice Hockey League and like me Vienna Capitals Silver, They will not participate in the Alpine Hockey League next season. In their place he will make his own entrance Hockey Interland Cavaliers A team from the Autonomous Province of Bolzano born in 2019 from the merger of the South Tyrol hockey club Neumarkt-Igna and SC Auer Ora.

turn to the ice, The game mode has been preserved in the last tournament, while the length of the qualifiers has been increased. As in 2021, a regular season round will play with 28 games for each team first. After that, the top five winners will make up the main round and will receive bonus points based on their regular season standings (4-3-2-1-0). The five line-ups in the main round will face each other two more times to obtain the best possible starting position for the quarter-finals – and it is understood that the top five finishers are already qualified for the playoffs after the regular season.

The other 10 teams (6th to 15th in the regular season) will be divided into two qualifying groups and will also receive bonus points based on their final standings in the first part of the season. After Round Robben, the top three teams from both groups qualify for the pre-qualifying stage, where the three slots are played in the “best of 3” position (Qualifying Round 1 A – Qualifying Round 3 B; Country Ranking Round 2 – QRB 2; QRA 3 – 1st QRB). The qualifiers will begin on March 7 and all “Best of 7” series will be through April 22, 2023.

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Dates for the 2022-2023 season of the AHL

Saturday, 10.09.2022: The start of the regular season
Saturday, 21.01.2023: The final round of the regular season
Thursday 26.01.2023: The start of the middle round
Saturday, 25.02.2023: The final round of the intermediate round
Tuesday, 02.02.2023: start of the qualifiers (“Best of 3”)
Saturday, 04.03.2023: Last Pre-Playoff Match – Choose a Playoff Later
Tuesday, 07.03.2023: start of the quarter-finals (“Top 7”)
Thursday, 23.03.2023: start of the semi-finals (“best-of-7”)
Saturday, 08.04.2023: Final start (“Best of 7”)
Saturday, 04.22.2023: Final date for race 7 of the finalists

Marcelo CopelleAHL Director of the Italian Ice Hockey Federation: “The Alpine Hockey League has become a well-established and well-organized association between Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Putting the game back in place is a lot of excitement, as all teams still have a chance to reach the playoffs even after the regular season. The level of the championship is growing from year to year. We have a mix An exemplary of young players eager for growth and established professionals. This is also reflected in the fans and the media.”

Credit: Max Bates

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