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Mourning for former competitor GF Vip and Dancing with the Stars: His brother passed away

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A former competitor to GF Vip and Dancing with the Stars has announced his unexpected mourning: his brother has passed away. The causes of death will be verified by autopsy: this is who he is and what happened.

Dancing with the Stars and GF Vip, for which Fabio Basile was a competitor in 2018 (photo Rai / Mediaset).

In some families, sports are not just HobbyBut the real glue is what holds everyone together and makes them grow up. Michael He proudly remembers how my mom Jessica He thinks he’s better than his brother Fabio In judo practice: he was faster in his movements, as well as possessing greater technical accuracy.

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Martial arts inspired the youth of Michael and Fabio. When the former won the youth championship, Fabio immediately ran to give him a belt of his savings judoka. Michael was an inspiration to his younger brother, who realized that he, too, could aspire to winning sports. Not so many years later, in fact, Fabio has become Olympic Champion judo.

Dead Brother of Ex-Contender GF Vip: What Happened

A rare photo taken by mother Jessica in which brothers Michael and Fabio Basile appear as adults (Source: Instagram).
A rare photo taken by mother Jessica in which brothers Michael and Fabio Basile appear as adults (Source: Instagram).

The very strong bond between Michael and Fabio Basile, reinforced by a common passion for judo, made them inseparable. The Olympic champion was also a contender for Dancing with the Stars and the Big brother In 2018, before returning to his sports passion. Suddenly Michael stopped answering the phone one morning.

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The worried family went to look for him at home, where they found him lifeless. At the moment, the hypothesis is that Michael had heart stopBut it will be an autopsy to dispel any doubts. Mom takes her outside Social media: “Hi Michael, I was so fragile…Even as I grew up I was: tough on the outside and soft on the inside“.

This is a message good bye From Fabio to Michael:

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