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Science reveals how many crackers and cereals you should have every day for breakfast

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Before facing a tiring day, your mind and body need the right amount of energy. Eating a full and healthy breakfast is the best way to recharge your batteries, and perhaps indulge in some pampering for the palate.

Before we find out the exact amount of crackers and cereal you should be eating for breakfast, let’s see why this meal is so important according to science.

This explains why all the meals of the day are so important

Many think so avoid meals It is the best way to lose weight and the first thing they decide to give up is breakfast. But they do not know that in this way they get the opposite effect, because the body is disturbed and weight loss slows down.

So, what you start to lose is not fat, but lean mass, and your metabolism slows down.

Instead of skipping meals, you can eat smaller amounts of food several times a day, approximately every 3 to 4 hours.

In addition, it is important to choose foods carefully to bring in fewer calories and fat, but to get more protein and vital nutritional foods. In this way, you do not spend hours with your stomach gurgling, you take care of your body and you can better control your weight.

For a low-calorie lunch for work or a trip out of town, here’s an easy, quick, and healthy winter recipe. Moreover, remember that certain types of food cooking also help to eat healthy food. For example, we should use this cooking method more because it will help lower cholesterol without giving up good food.

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But now let’s see what the science says about how much we should be eating for breakfast.

Science reveals how many crackers and cereals you should have every day for breakfast

According to the Italian Society for Human Nutrition, you should eat about 30 grams of bread every day from all food substitutes, cereal For breakfast and biscuits.

This amount roughly corresponds to 1 bag of crackers or breadsticks, 1 frizzella, 3-4 taralini, 3-4 rusk, 3-8 tablespoons of breakfast cereal, depending on the type and 2-5 crackers, depending on the type. Therefore, science reveals how much crackers and cereal to have daily for breakfast.

For those who don’t want to give up the brioche, the standard portion is 50 grams. Keep in mind that the weight can vary because stuffed croissants weigh more, about 70 grams, while packaged snacks weigh less, about 40.


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