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Canada. ONAV’s first steps in British Columbia

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This year also the “Taste of Italy” took place, impeccably as always, organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Vancouver. The venue chosen for this event is Gopuram (Tower Harbor Centre). On a beautiful day with clear skies, the view of Vancouver from the marina, to the ocean, to the snow-capped mountains, in people’s eyes was mesmerizing. The event was divided into two sessions, the first dedicated to hospitality operators and technicians, and the second dedicated to the amateur public. Executive Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vancouver Ms. Speaking to Ilaria Paltan, the hospitality industry was a huge success with over 300 people in attendance. Good news is that ONAV, the Italian organization of wine tasters (not to be confused with sommelier) . ONAV’s future presence in BC will be of great benefit to the wine industry, as it is undoubtedly an innovator in the field for North America, and speaking with some wineries familiar with ONAV, they underscored its presence. The system provides many benefits. It’s an exciting day for me because Com.It.Es. (Group of Italians Abroad) and ONAV Associate, and after a long pandemic period, Mrs. I found friends like Ilaria Burton. Executive Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Vancouver, Alex Martiniac Executive Director of the European Chamber of Commerce and Carmen D’Onofrio Jr. One of the largest importers in British Columbia and Canada. Thank you Vancouver Chamber of Commerce for the kind invitation.

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