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Lazio labor market 2018-2020 analyzed by labor space agency

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Report “Lazio labor market. Triennial 2018-2020 “, drawn up by the statisticians of the Labor Space Agency under the direction of Carolina Tasco, Area Director of Labor Information Services in the Lazio Region and coordinating Valeria Scipione

From the Labor Market Observatory, Lazio Region Labor Information Services District. The publication presents the main dynamics present in the regional labor market for the 2018-2020 triennium, with special attention to 2020 and the impact of Covid-19, and is divided into five chapters. After a brief summary of the general economic scenario, the social welfare measures to support employment implemented in Lazio are presented. From the economic overview of the labor market in the regional territory in comparison with the rest of the country and the European average, it is clear that the Lazio region has managed to mitigate the most serious effects of almost the total mass of economic activities. By observing the general structure of the labor market in Lazio, and comparing the characteristics of supply and demand in 2020 with the pre-pandemic situation, there are no substantive changes: by comparing the regional historical series with those in the rest of Italy, Lazio labor seems to represent the national context. Thanks to the information provided by the obligatory contacts, the dynamics and peculiarities of the local labor market are investigated, in particular, aspects related to sectors of economic activity, professional qualifications, type and duration of the contract, as well as the age and gender of workers.

Turning to the regional details within the region, available statistics are also presented at the level of the regional, municipal and local labor system, paying attention to the sectoral and occupational specializations of the required labor numbers. Finally, it is possible to consult with a focus on the dynamics of work automation taking place in the regional market, and five brief papers on the salient features of each province.

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