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In the exhibition space of Agnes Pizzuti a major cultural event

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Aldo Backpack – December 22, 2021

On the afternoon of December 19, 2021 in the Pizzuti fairgrounds, in the fashion atelier of Agnese Pizzuti on 81 L. Bufalini Street, a beautiful event of costumes, theater and narration took place. Agnese Pizzuti’s Atelier is a shop that has nothing to envy those in the center of Rome. It is a welcoming, elegant and refined environment, with attention to the smallest detail.

At the extraordinary event in the Pizzuti Fairgrounds, writer and screenwriter Rita D’Andrea presented her book “La luna che sorride”, Edizioni Armando Editore. Based on the subject of the book, many artistic performances were held.

The writer and poet Carlo Trinzio read some passages from the novel, and the author recited some scenes from the book. Also present were writer and poet Rosanna Sabatini, poet Abner Thomas and Vieira Quezada, writer, poet and writer Fabio Sommella, and writer and poet Mario Pino Toscano.

For the theatre: a great theatrical performance, with a two-voice choir performed by Tiziana Monti directed by All Down from Palco Theatre, Antonio Latini, the theatrical representative of this company, as well as Riccardo Francesco Fioroni and Evelyn Chisio who acted in one of the scenes. A play written by the aforementioned book.

Rita D’Andrea gave an interview to Mauro Caliste, Mayor of V, who explained to those present the program he intends to implement to return our lands for tourism purposes thanks to all the historical wonders of the region.

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At the end of the event, welcome refreshments served by Agnes Pizzuti.

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