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Lazio, Film 2021: The Twelve Moments in the Year of the Pianist

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Page 365 of 365. 2021 is coming to an end. It has been a year of joys, victories, revolutions and changes for Lazio, but also from difficult moments and constant obstacles. Our editorial team decided to trace it and relive it in twelve images, the twelve most important moments of the year of the Biancoceleste.

Derby Lazio 2021 starts in the best way. In January, the Biancocelesti scored 5 wins out of 7 matches and the most exciting result is undoubtedly 3-0 in the derby. Opens Fixed The one who takes advantage of a rebound between Ibanez and Lazari and beats Pau Lopez, it is Louis Alberto To take the stage by scoring two goals. Inzaghi’s team tied for a big win over Roma in Serie A, equalizing 3-0 in March 2019 and December 2006.

Three pears in jasperini – It’s January 31, 2021. It seems like a long time ago. over there Lazio visitAtalanta And deservedly conquered the abandoned Joyce Stadium. open it Marosic Sunday goal, doubles Korea After Gullini sat down, he reopened it basalik And the man you don’t expect closes it completely: Vedat Muriqi. biancocelesti win 3-1 and rejoice in the face of the goddess. Gasperini, who still has to digest the Coppa Italia final, is not taking it well but Inzaghi’s men are celebrating.

Bayern in the Champions Returning to the Champions League Round of 16 after 20 years Lazio Things will not go as you hoped. The draw does not rejoice: the competitors are the champions Bavaria Monaco And the definition of a hard undertaking is an understatement. At the Olympics, the Germans won 4-1 while a 2-1 comeback was enough to send Biancoceleste home. Elimination burns but represents an important growth step as well as the satisfaction of facing the absolute best.

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Mr. Lazio On April 3, 2021, the history of FC Lazio was rewritten: Stefan radu He has officially become the most popular player ever. A 402 appearance (currently 415), certified in the field against Spezia, allowed him to beat Giuseppe favalli. During his 14 years of fighting at the Biancocelesti, he has proven to be the man for that record: jersey attachment and fighting spirit. Who if not him?

I arrived Sarismo – Wait, the nights between Formello, Villa San Sebastiano and Castelfranco di Sopra, then the cigarette emoji and the video on social media that dispelled all doubts. Maurizio’s arrival frequently In the Lazio She was caressing Lazio’s face after Inzaghi’s slap. June 9, 2021, the day of the signing of the contract, will certainly be marked in the calendar: the beginning of the revolution.

Farewell Senators – In 2021, the Biancocelesti “chapter” in Senad was closed lolik and Marco I speak. Both, without renewing the contract, silently greeted their fans during the summer of revolution in Lazio. Covid and empty stadiums did not allow a worthy tribute to players who have always been distinguished by their professionalism, attachment and desire. For Lulic, since 2011 in Rome, 371 matches and an indelible photo of the Coppa Italia final goal. For Barolo, who arrived in 2014, 265 appearances were made, his sweaty shirt and his locker-room allure. With gratitude and appreciation, Lazio revives its legends.

I wanted, I wanted so badly – “The boy will…this year He will play in jersey number 7.. Finally at home! After three years spent between England and Portugal, pumps He returns to Lazio to the delight of the coach and the fans who have never forgotten him. “You see a player with courage, altruism and imagination”. here you are Pedro! They saw us along my sari! He descended in August on the right bank of the Tiber, and his eternal opponents spurned and ignored him as if he had finished. The ageless champion has a great desire to participate without sparing himself.

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New birth – After 546 days, doors Olympic Stadium in Rome Reopened for beauty. To punish the return of the fans to the stadium was the Lazio-Spezia match, the heart of the Olympico beats to the sound of goals. At last we are back to sniff the love, to try once more for the thrill of climbing the steps of the playground. Finally, the noise is back after a long deafening silence for football fans due to a beast so big on the entire planet. Reborn from there.

All together JE We make three – October 16, 2021, irritable He returns to the Olympics for the first time as a former. A special day for him, Lazio and the fans who welcome him very much and some whistles. A tough match where the two teams face each other. He spared no shots on the field, including controversies, but the harsh goal-law ruled: Lazio 3 Inter 1. Ciro, Felipe and Serge set the Olympics on fire between Sarri and fans’ delight and Inzaghi’s disbelief.

property register – Now the top is yours. After reaching the goal he scored against Atalanta, Fixed Silvio separated Bio In the ranking of top scorers throughout the ages Lazio. At 160 after his goal with Marseille in the European League, the Biancocelesti striker enjoys the first place and the most powerful entry in the club’s history. I reached the goal of “retreat” to the other sacred monsters: try Chinaglia and Signori, but also Giordano and Rocky. Build a record. Lazio joins the French and closes 2-2. But the applause is all for Ciro.

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The great in history Serge Milinkovic-SavicHow majesty. The sergeant is a basic pawn of Lazio who has managed to combine technique, supremacy and elegance. Precisely in 2021, in the first part of the current season, Milinkovic entered the history of Lazio. Before that, he participated in the match against Udinese Nedved (51 goals in the Italian League) Finally, Sampdoria separated him and entered history with 52 goals scored by the eagle on his chest. It is a record.

“UNERBI GET OUT”“An immature man without honor, away from Rome at once. No forgiveness for those who betray!”. Biancoceleste 2021 ends with a bad episode. i hate twice error. First he rejoices with his index finger against the Genoese and then does not thank the guest sector in Venice. The Curva Nord does not forgive and attacks him. Now it is up to the biancoceleste defender to regain the confidence of his people who have defended and supported him for so long.

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