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Two of Coraten’s “franchise” in the cinema with the movie “Ragazzaccio”

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Virus, dad, quarantine, bullying, social networks, teenage, love. These are the words and the ambiance that is the backdrop to “Ragazzaccio”, the new film by Tuscan director and actor Paolo Ruffini produced by Vera Film, a company among which is the actor Coratino Nicola Nocella (2010 Nastro D’Argento Award) the last co-champion of the Rome Film Festival.

The film expertly describes the drama, dreams, and hopes of an Italian teenager struggling with the difficulties of one of the most complex periods of the past decade, one marked by the pandemic emergency. At the center, the topic was not in the news as it is today, about bullying and possible ways out of the problem.

The work, born of the intense partnership of Nocella and Ruffini, for some time engaged in writing projects on topical issues, was released in cinemas yesterday, November 3, and can boast of the actors of absolute depth: Beppe Fiorello, Massimo Ghini, Sabrina Impacciatore and Alessandro Pisgna From the title role, Mattia, a high school student.

“The film – said the authors – wants to attempt to analyze the issue of bullying in a different light to send a message of hope and reflection aimed at what happened ‘in the time of Covid’ and beyond, to adolescents and those who accompany them… towards adulthood.”

In this context, the participation of another Coratino “actor”, the Forza Vitale Phytotherapy Laboratory, present with some of its “hosted” products in a scene from the film (especially when it comes to interventions against stress and anger).

“I immediately believed in the Nicola Nosella project,” says Vito Canello, director of the supplement company based in Curato. “This is a topic that now affects everyone’s life and no one can undo it. I liked the work’s subtitle so much, for various reasons that those who know me understand, this is “The Most Infectious Virus Still Love”. “Moreover – concludes Cannillo – our small contribution to the production of the work is intended to be a sign of appreciation as well as friendship towards Nicola Nocella, an Apuli, and Coratino was able to turn his dreams and challenges as a teenager into a wonderful reality that we should all be proud of.”

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Friday 4 November 2022

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