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Movies and programs today, Thursday, September 8, 2022

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Movie Tonight on TV: Never Mess with the Stars! Let’s Go To This Country A Perfect Getaway Cell 99 Block Nobody Can Stop Me A Special Hour A Cinderella Story The Darkness Two Wedding Songs. Fantasy Shows, Movies and Series Tonight on TV: The Great Story, FBI: Most Wanted, UEFA Europa League: Lazio-Feyenoord, The Great Work: Carmen

Warning: In light of recent news from the UK regarding Queen Elizabeth II, schedules for some channels may be subject to last-minute changes.

Movie tonight on TV From Today is Thursday, September 8, 2022. Among those on the air Today early evening on me TV channels Clearly: Never mess with the stars! Let’s Go To This Country Perfect Getaway Cell Block 99 Nobody Can Stop Me Special Witness Cinderella Story Dark Wedding Singles Winds of Forgiveness Banlieue 13 Ultimatum Farewell to Arms Rimini Rimini Wanted Choose Your Fate

All the movies on TV tonight:

  • Don’t play with the stars!The Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.20 on Rai 1Comedy 2020 film directed by Matteo Oleotto with Alessandro Roya, Pilar Fogliati, Carlotta Natoli, Emanuela Grimalda, Fiorenza Perry, Adriano Pantaleo, Maurizio Fanin and Ariella Reggio.
  • Let’s go to that countryThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.20 on Canale 5: A 2014 comedy film by Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Bacon, with Salvatore Ficarra, Valentino Bacon, Tiziana Lodato, Lily Terenanzi, Fatima Trotta, Ludovico Caldarera, Nino Frasica, Francesco Paolantoni, Mariano Rigello and Maria Vittoria Martorelli.
  • winds of forgivenessThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.25 in Novi2005 drama Lasse Hallström, starring Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman, Josh Lucas, Camryn Mannheim, Damien Lewis, Becca Gardner, R Nelson Brown, Rob Hayter, Sean J. Dory, B Lynne Johnson and Linda Boyd.
  • Perfect Getaway, The Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.20 on Rai 4: David Twohy’s 2009 film, starring Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant, Kelly Sanchez, Chris Hemsworth, Del Dickey, Wendy Brown, Travis Willingham and Marley Shelton.
  • Cell Block 99 – Nobody Can Stop MeThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.10 on Rai Movie: Action Movie, 2017 Thriller by S. Craig Zahler, starring Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Carpenter, Don Johnson, Tom Gehry, Mark Blucas, Udo Kerr, Gino Segers and Fred Melamed.
  • special supervisionThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9 PM on Iris: John Flynn’s 1989 drama, starring Sylvester Stallone, Donald Sutherland, Tom Sizemore, Frank McRae, Sonny Landman, Larry Romano, Darlan Fluigl, John Amos and William Allen Young.
  • Cinderella storyThe Movie in the wave Tonight on TV at 21.10 on La52004 Comedy, Drama, Emotional Film Written by Mark Roseman, Starring Hilary Duff, Chad Michael Murray, Jennifer Coolidge, Regina King, Brenda Song, Brad Bofanda, Dan Bird, Madeleine Zima, Julie Gonzalo, Lily Bab, Amy Lynn Chadwick, Jessica Ellington, Simon Helberg, Erica Hubbard, Kelly Murphy, Hannah Robinson, Lynne Shay, Alexis Reich, Courtney Chase, John H. Tobin and Rory Thost.
  • the darknessThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9.15pm in Italy 2: Greg MacLean’s 2016 horror film, starring Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, David Mazouz, Lucy Fry, Matt Walsh, Jennifer Morrison, Parker Mack, Paul Reiser, Ming Na Win, and Trianne Long Smith.
  • Banlieue 13 – UltimatumThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9.15pm in Silo: Patrick Alessandrine’s 2009 action movie, starring Cyril Raffaele, David Bell, Philip Turretton, and Elodie Young.
  • Goodbye to armsThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 20.55 on TV2000: Drama 1957 by Charles Fedor, with Jennifer Jones, Rock Hudson, Vittorio de Sica, Oscar Homolka, Mercedes McCambridge, Elaine Stritch, Kurt Kasznar, Victor Francín, Franco Interlini, Leopoldo Trieste, Jose Neto, George Prihat, Joanna Hoover, Edward Linkers, Alberto Sordi, Budd Spencer, Luigi Barzini, Tiberio Metri, Clelia Mattania, Giacomo Rossi Stewart, Gidriano Guidi, Mimo Carotinoto and Carlo Hintermann.
  • Rimini RiminiThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9 PM on Cine34Comedy, 1987 comedy by Sergio Corbucci, with Laura Antonelli, Elvir Audrey, Eleonora Brigliadore, Paolo Bonacelli, Jerry Cala, Serena Grande, Silva Cocina, Maurizio Micheli, Sabrina Ferelli, Andrea Roncato and Paolo Villaggio.
  • Wanted – Choose Your DestinyThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9 pm at 8 pm: 2008 action film Timur Bekmambetov, starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Terence Stamp, Thomas Kretschmann, Common, Kristen Hager, Mark Warren, David O’Hara, Konstantin Khabensky, Dato Bekhtadze, Chris Pratt and Lorna Scott.
  • 2 singles weddingThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.10 on TwentySeven: David Dobkin’ 2005 comedy starring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Will Ferrell, Jane Seymour, Christopher Walken, Isla Fisher, Ellen Albertini Dow, Bradley Cooper, Henry Gibson, Ron Canada, Camille Anderson, Ned Schmidtke, Robert Neal. Marshall, Amber Matthews, Stephanie Niven, Brad Newman, Keir O’Donnell, Laura Orico, John J. Pavlik and Rita Raney.
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Programs, fiction and series tonight on TV

Among the main programs Tonight on TV We inform you:

  • Tg2 special function (Information section), broadcast 9 pm in Al Rai 2
  • The Great Story – September 8On air From 21.20 in Rai 3
  • kick and back (talk show, politics, current affairs), radio From 21.20 in Rete 4
  • FBI: Most Wanted (TV series), broadcast From 21.20 in Italy 1
  • Cleaning Campaign (talk show, politics, current affairs), radio From 9.15 pm at La7
  • Football, European League: Lazio FeyenoordOn air From 9:30 pm on TV8
  • The Great Opera of Verona Arena: Carmen, on the air From 9.15 pm in Al Rai 5
  • Miss Marple (TV series), broadcast From 9.30 pm on La7D
  • Puppies in celebration (TV movie), broadcast 21.20 on Rai Premium
  • Modern Murder – Two Detectives in Dresden (TV series), broadcast From 21.10 in Giallo
  • A murder in cognac (TV series), broadcast From 21.10 in Top Crime
  • Mrs. D: The Hidden Truths (docu series), broadcast From 21.20 in real time
  • gold fever river treasure (docu-Reality), broadcasting From 21.25 on DMAX
  • Secrets in the Ice (docu series), broadcast From 9.15pm on Focus.
  • castle builders (docu series), broadcast From 21.10 on Rai Storia.

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