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France: Canadian reactions to La Zarra’s participation in Eurovision

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La Zarra’s “Évidemment,” presented on live television last Sunday, has caught the attention of the Canadian media.

Fatima Zahra HaftiName of the French representative for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, born and raised in Montreal.

as Celine Dion in 1988 Or Natasha St. Pierre in 2001, once again a Quebec artist will take the Eurovision stage. And apparently in the “homeland” it will not go unnoticed.

Her song has an intro that oozes Edith Piaf (and a bit of Barbara Bravi too) and after a minute veers into electro-disco with 70s and 80s vibes.

evidence, All the beautiful promises I hear are just air”.

A song about self love as the singer says.

I always sing in melancholy, but without sadness. I want to continue despite false promises.

The Zara

A glam image and passion for top French designers, La Zarra promises a dress that will blow your mind on stage in Liverpool.


I am Quebecois, But my family is from Morocco. When Eurovision was given to me, I felt the need to talk about love, love for myself, universal love. The song came easily in three nights.

The Zara

However, the connection between Eurovision and the singer is far from over.

It’s funny, but when I was a kid my mom always sang “L’enfant et l’oiseau” by Marie Miriam. Apparently that’s the rule.

The Zara

The artist sees Eurovision as an opportunity to build his character and maybe give us some little surprises.

Who complains that he is not “enough” French, La Zarra does not tell them.

I live in Paris and was instantly adopted. Quebec and France are very “close”. I don’t know if it’s because of our accent (artist laughs, Ed) but I feel like we’re very much loved. I am proud to represent France!

The Zara

La Zarra’s participation has rekindled the attention of Canadian radio stations, as evidenced by a recent one. Live broadcast of 98.5fm radio. For French-speaking Quebecers, it’s about national pride. La Zarra and all his team and therefore the song is 100% Montreal.

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It is scheduled for the upcoming Canada Eurovision Song Contest in 2023. Did French TV do this on purpose? A doubt remains.

Source: Radio Canada, Journal du Québec, 98.5fm

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