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Jeep Wrangler won the major award in Canada

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Two models Stellandis They have once again surpassed the excellence in their respective categories Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards 2021.

Iconic Jeep Wrangler Topped the category SUV: Main Mid / Full Muscle car for the 12th year in a row Dodge Challenger The section returns to the top step of the stage Game Car: the key.

Jeep Wrangler vince ai Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards 2021

Jeep Wrangler: Icon Off-Roader: Main Mid / Full

The Canadian Black Book (CBB) Best Retained Value Awards recognize vehicles that have maintained a high percentage of their original recommended price over the past four years (since 2017).

The plan guides consumers in finding vehicles that maintain their best value, thereby reducing the cost of wholesale ownership, which is a key factor to consider when purchasing.

Dodge Challenger Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards 2021

David Buckingham, FCA Canada President and CEO said: “Buying a vehicle is an important decision for new and used Canadian consumers. That is why we are proud to once again receive these awards from the Black Book of Canada. Creating vehicles with the technology, safety, performance and style that customers want, even a 4 × 4 icon like the Jeep Wrangler or the Brampton-built Dodge Challenger muscle car, can reach up to 807 hp. Of power”.

The Best Retained Value Awards, updated in November 2021, are subject to a number of fundamental changes, including vehicle categories, which have been reduced from 23 to 19, and the algorithm used to measure best retention value has been modified to take into account sales volume. .

Yolanda Biswa, Senior vice president and general manager of the Canadian Black Book, instead said: “Not surprisingly, Stellandis’ two successes at the CBB Awards include the Jeep Wrangler and the Dodge Challenger. This is a testament to the popularity and quality of both models. We should definitely highlight the amazing sequel of 12 consecutive wins in the Jeep Wrangler category. Congratulations”.

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Dodge Challenger Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards 2021

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