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Kronenburg? Shimano? No, just call them Mastini. Children deserve a great history –

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The fans: the seventh man on the pitch, they leave you speechless (Click here and watch the ultimate team hug). All the videos that we have suggested and that we will continue to provide are sufficient. The yellow and black people accompanied Varese’s Devèze and pushed them throughout the match, truly without limits. Tonight, even away from home, it felt like we were back in the final four of the cup in Merano, more and more of the late eighties and mid nineties. When it was scary to face a Varese audience, even before Varese

THE BEST: It’s hard to find the best player in the squad tonight. Countercurrent: Let’s say the hounds are the best player in their entirety, and there’s no point in raising someone. The average is very high.

Commentary: If I played hockey, no one would beat Varese. Today only a small blackout only at 2-0, otherwise it’s a perfect game in terms of approach, timing, management, ability to defend and attack with the right sarcasm, making perfect use of the power play. In the 60-minute game, he was probably Varese’s best this season in terms of continuity, intensity and skating, and when Bergen started playing aggressively, The Hounds never succumbed to the temptation to settle scores without overt boasts of superiority or ridicule.

the match: Bergin tried to resist with his snaps and barricaded himself around Rigoni, as in the case of the 1-2 goal that seemed to reopen everything, but then the raging Varese, a perfect machine, exhausted any resistance. Bergen tribute, truly exemplary in never giving up. But Varese is very strong, and after scoring 3-1 with Beroso, they spread out and now, Starting on Saturday he will play for the title with Caldaro.

And now a beautiful new video, as Pergine ultras embrace Varese fans in a moment of truly extreme sportsmanship

Here two mastiffs bang on the railing to “touch” their adorable audience

Dogs run under the bluestrad

Here’s the ultimate crazy party

Let’s just let the pictures do the talking. It is enough

Fine Weather: Two Towers fans and those from the sects are participating

Here is a video of several gelonero people

Team VARESE finished in the final

59′ Team 200 from Varese kept singing for a few minutes

59′ We’re among the fans

58′ 2 minutes

58′ Rosamunda is being sung in the year 200. The party is getting started

55′ Meanwhile, Perla stifles the cry of two towers of superiority and siege

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55′ Caldaro awaits us in the final at the Ascend Ice Arena next Saturday, winning 3-1 in Appiano (3-1 in the series).

54′ Six minutes left

52′ We are among the people of Varese who have been waiting for a very long time to reach the final. And now he sings: “He who does not jump is Bolzano.”

48′ Varese in a double lead

47′ Thirteen minutes until the most beautiful finalwhich all Varese conquered

44 – “We’ll always be here when Varese scores…”: It’s a party in the stands

41’51” 1-5 VERY VARESE POKER, EDO RAIMONDI’S GOAL WITH A HARMONY SWITCH IS ONE STEP AWAY FROM RIGONI. When EDO scores, it is always a different target than the others. EDO is a piece of Mastini’s heart

41′ He recovers and a very cheerful and sweet Bergen fan comes to embrace us: “Are you from Varese? Well done”. Great environment, very sporty and with a great crowd, here in Trentino

Beware of the goals: the fourth from Vanetti, who scored with a shot from Desautels, not Tellaro.

There are still twenty minutes left in the fight to take the final

40′ End of the second period: Now the videos of an unparalleled crowd after Varese’s second half, are inaccessible

39′ There is a minute left in the second half: the yellow and black have been ruthless so far

37: For us, almost ancient historians of small, large businesses, this support reminds us of something that comes from the past. Saturday evening, Bergen Valsugana, 200 people from Varese singing with drums and flags


35′ Penalty going on now: Varese on 4 for 3 for 1’37” with the show in the stands


33′ you see, at the moment, Perla and Rigoni only dribble forwards in this long equilibrium phase. An isolated winning shot is expected

32′ Chyna from a distance: It does not work

31′ Michael Mazzacane tries: a center strike stopped by Rigoni

30 ‘ Pearl baker closes, Rigoni He does the same with Piroso

29′ Double penalty

28′ total credit, very few chances

27′ Varese, as in Match 3, is attentive in defense and ready to restart the match

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26′ Perla again on Mocellin. Complete Varese

26′ Perla blocks it all With his 4. Suffer

25 ‘ Perla is attentive: Bergen is pressing

25′ A clear penalty kick for Varese: Eric Mazzacane is out for baton charge. right

25′ Five minutes without chances

24′ The balanced stage, as in Match 3 in Varese

23 ‘ The people of Trentino are pressing

21′ Starts again, Perla under the support of Varese fanson the right side of the track which is dominated by the large single grandstand

It starts again After Tellaro’s brace, the usual goal taken in defensive hesitation

It will start again soon. But before Here is the yellow and black wall

First half: Varese conceded almost without realizing it kept Bergin alive more than ever in the game after two delirious goals from Tellaro.

19′ Franchini, noooo: With 3 seconds left in front of goal, Rigoni pulls the pincers

19′ The last minute with a penalty: 51 seconds, two minutes per side

17′ Two Towers fatal in one of the rare works From the first half, Varese more cunning. But when it does, the people of Trentino come back and are always there

15′ Tellaro is one step away from the hat-trick. It all happened in the last two minutes, even when Bergin scored one of his impossible goals with two assists

13’52” 1-2 stunning target tower Good with the new foreigner, but the credits are all from quick action by Sanvido, Muslin, and a poor defensive stance

13’41” 0-2 double teams He is carried away by one of Cronenburg’s cheers: Tellaro does it all, again. Yellow and Black Number 15 overpowers Blue with a personal effort and kills Rigoni

12′ occurs in a deafening noise for the Varese fans

10′ The crowd claims a foul on Franchinithen Rigoni saves Pergine three times in a row, twice on Drolet

9′ Varese is very careful in defence

8′ A very balanced match, Tellaro torpedoed aside

8” yellow olè: It seems to be on the Albanian road, but we are more than three hours away from Varese

7′ full Varese

6′ Block Pearl: Two towers still not very dangerous even with the extra guy

5′ Immediately naive penalty for Berusso: blocking

4’53 “0-1 VARESEEEEEEE GOAL: TILARO DOES IT ALL HIMSELF AND SETS (but there is a touch of defender in the face off) LEADING THE CENTURY VARESINI CRAZY

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3′ open start racing in an incredible climate: Michael Mazagan just went into photography. Rigoni stopped the disc

1 ‘left deafening cheers to the people of Varese

Enter the hounds: Typhoid from the old days.

Help yourself videos From the frightening yellow and black delight.

two Children holding two tower flags in red, white, yellow and black Varese are waiting for the players on the ice, skating very quickly.

We start living With two hundred fans arrived from Garden City who support the yellow and black with drums and flags even before the start in a really great atmosphere.

in the middle l hoopla Among the two hundred Varese who made it to Pergine, we will tell you about Match 4 of the semifinals between the teams Trentino and Varese live: if the hosts win, the big battle will take place on Tuesday in the Acinque Ice Arena for the finalist’s qualification, if the Mastiffs really win tonight, They will reach the last series that will be awarded the title. Game four is also played between Caldaro, leading 2-1 in the series, and Appiano.

in Varese Bertin is still missing in defence, but Fanelli is there (Not Garber) So is Raimondi in attack. Bergen lines up with newcomer Christian Bono, the 22-year-old Canadian forward, given that Foltyn has been Italian since this match.

Two towers 1-5 Varese (1-2, 0-2, 0-1)
networks: 4’53” Tilaro 0-1, 13’41” Tilaro (Raimondi, Piccinelli) 0-2, 13’52” Buono (Sanvido, Mocellin) 1-2; 33’26” Piroso (Piccinelli, M.Borghi) 1-3, 35’03” Vanity (Piroso, Desautels) in sup. 1-4; 41’51” Raimondi (Franchini) 1-5.
Bergen: Rigoni (Zanella); Al. Ambrosi, Gamper, Buono, Andreotti, Flessati; Franza, Becker, Meneghini, Viliotti, Muslin; Jizo, Revo, Petito, Sanvido, Valores; Voltin Marano Coach: Andrea Ambrossi.
: perl (mordent); Schina, Desautels, M. Borghi, Vanetti, Piroso; Piccinelli, Fanelli, Drolet, Franchini, M. Mazzacane; Belloni, Mazagan, Tellaro, Raimondi, Cordiano; Privitera, Odoni, P. Borghi. Coach: Claude Davies.
the reviewer: Antonio Peras, Stefano Rico (Andrea Carretto, Alexander West)
NB Throws 26, 40. Penalties 18, goes 12.

Race 4
two towers-Varese 1-5, IBAN-Kaltern 1-3.

First race Saturday 1st April, 6.30pm, Varese Caldaro
The second race is Tuesday 4 Caldaro Varese
Race 3 Thursday 6th, 18.30, Varese Caldaro
Race 4 Saturday 8 Caldaro Varese
Fourthly. Race 5 Tuesday 11 – EV. RACE 6 THURSDAY 13 – EV. Seventh race Saturday 15

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