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“Thiago Motta and future football at Juve: it could be dangerous though…”

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“Our coaches are the best”

Oliveri analyzes the coaches’ moment in our tournament and praises them: “Our coaches are the best ever, and the results of this tournament confirmed that. In addition, our trainers do not work amidst great wealth. We have many companies that are budget conscious, and availability is not the same as in other European companies. I look at foreign leagues and especially mid-table teams, those who can spend like us. It seems to me that our football is at a higher level“.

And still:Every year new coaches appear, with their first or second experience. There are important spare parts such as Palladino or Cannavaro. Nicholas He’s back again. Gasperini He has achieved great results. Then there are the coaches who appear less frequently in the newspapers, such as: Marco Baroni: Verona is a team that completely changed in January and got it back on its feet“Olivieri quotes Nicola, and the discussion turns to the race for redemption.

Redemption: Olivieri and the words of Stirby

Empoli with a goal in stoppage time beat Roma and survived. Frosinone loses at home in a direct confrontation with Udinese and is relegated to Serie B. Olivieri confirms that he does not agree with the words of Frosinone’s president, Sterpi, who spoke after the match about a problem with the credibility of Italian football: “In my opinion no. I watched last night’s match between Empoli and Roma, Nicola’s team scored at the end of time in a very difficult match, Roma tried to win it, and sometimes even dominated it. Empoli had little to counterattack and eventually found the winning move in stoppage time. I don’t know how to interpret Sterp’s words“.

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