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Palermo – Regiana, possible formations: the space of the “old”

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(Updated July 2909.50 a.m.). Here are the possible formations of Palermo – RegianaThe match is valid for the Preliminary Round of the Coppa Italia 2022/23 (Sunday, July 31 at 21.00 at the Renzo Barbera stadium in Palermo):

Palermo (4-2-3-1): Masulo (Bigliacelli); Pataro, Lancini, Marconi, Sala (Crivello); de Rose, Damiani (Bruh); Valenti, fella (stupa), Floriano; Bronori.

Not available: Accardi, Luberini

not qualified: /

Regiana (3-4-3): the Turk; Lisa, Roszio, Luciani; Lipoti, Rossi, Chiodoni, Contessa; Rosavio, Zambaro, Varela.

Not available: Cauz, Camigliano, Cremonesi, Muroni, Lanini, Cigarini

not qualified: /

Interim coach Stefano Di Benedetto prefers ‘touching’ as little as possible in the Coppa Italia match against Reggiana. Thus, the space, for last season’s players, lined up with the 4-2-3-1 so dear to Baldini. Newcomers will definitely get in during the race even if someone can play from the first minute. The general principle is not to revolutionize anything for this game, given the new path.

defense: Masulu ahead of Pigliacelli to defend the rosanero’s goalposts, while in the squad of four players there must be Bataru to the right, Lancini And the Marconi in the center. Left poll: room He’s recently arrived, but due to Jeron’s departure, he can already play a key role; Instead Crivello is ready.

Medfield: The options in this section are almost mandatory. captain de rose He should make sure of the place while he’s ready by his side DamianiEven if he did a little training in the pre-season retreat. Therefore, Proh “warms up” and can even play from the first minute.

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attacks: Bronori Is pointing forward while behind him they must find space Valente to the right, Floriano left and one in between person, which is a slang word A stupa (the boy retired with Sampdoria, he’s fine and can play in all roles behind the striker) is in the middle.

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