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Agenzia delle Entrate, the new service for Italians arrives: what is it

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The Revenue Agency has announced the arrival of a new service that will greatly facilitate citizens: all the details

revenue agency Activating the video calling service to communicate “live” with the institution’s officials.

Revenue Agency (Source: Revenue Agency)

Thus, users will have the opportunity to obtain it the support Get refunds, tax returns, rental agreements and get a duplicate health card using a simple video call right from your computer, tablet or smartphone. This new method of communication will join the existing telecommunications services. The agency’s goal is to make it easier for citizens who do not have the possibility to go to offices, but at the same time need a direct dialogue with an expert from the financial department.

According to the Director of Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria RuffiniWith the new video calling service, it will also be possible to book a Online appointment. Therefore, it will be possible to speak with an official of the revenue agency directly from home. Therefore, the important news is that there will be no queuing queues in responsible offices. “Communication with the tax officer becomes easier and compatible with the obligations of everyday life: concrete simplifications to meet the needs of citizens “, Director announced.

Revenue Agency: How to use the new service

revenue agency
A new service for citizens (screenshot)

To be able to book a video call with the Revenue Officer, it will be sufficient to use the active booking service on the agency platform. under the a step to follow:

  • Homepage
  • Contact and help
  • Book an appointment at “Agenzia Entrate
  • Select the topic of interest
  • Choose the date and time.
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An appointment request can be requested not only from its referral office (by residence, registered office or the registered office of a deed) but also from the person responsible for the file to be processed. In this first step there are three pounds the available choices:

  • Deeds and Legacies (Registration Area)
  • Returns and Refunds (Direct Taxes Area)
  • Tax code and copy of health card (identification area)

In addition, the office can also ask the taxpayer to make an appointment via video call, if it is necessary to close the case in a much faster way. The video call On the platforms indicated in the information on the processing of personal data provided by the Agency, which allows respect for privacy. The Processing of personal data It will always be based on the principles of legality and fairness. Furthermore, acceptance of the Terms of Service is necessary to initiate the video call. At this point, any documents that will be shared can be forwarded by email.

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