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Marvel: Post-Credits Scenes Description – Spoilers

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events Wonders (Check here), the new MCU movie directed by Nia DaCostastarting November 8 in cinemas, allowed us to understand that this film actually has a rather important role for the future of the franchise, introducing many long-awaited elements that could be developed in a particularly interesting way.

Naturally, the film focuses on the trio Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau And Kamala Khanbut the post-credit scene allows us to get a taste of the path that the MCU seems to want to take for the future, moving more and more to the core of the multiverse concept that is now widely presented through films like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And Loki. But what happens in the post-credit scenes Wonders?

5How many post-credits scenes are there in it Wonders?

Marvels movie reviewMarvels movie review

The MCU's post-credit scenes help establish the future of the characters involved in the film just seen, but they also introduce what we can expect to see next. Wonders is no exception, and therefore displays Two post-credits scenesHowever, only one of them is actually important to the future of the franchise and the whole Multiverse sagaOr the one that appears in the mid-credits. The other, which comes right at the end of the titles, is a brief comedic moment that, however, does not affect the future of the series in any way.

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