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Kamala was showing off her new outfit in the latest photo from the movie [FOTO]

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It will be shown in theaters next November Marvelsthe new adventure of MCU Which will cross the paths of three superheroes that we have known in many distinguished projects: Carol Danversappearing on the first stand-alone and in Avengers: EndgameAnd Kamala KhanSeries hero Ms. Marvel Finally Monica Rambowho appeared on the show See Wanda.

These are three superheroes who have always been in touch with each other, but have never worked as a team until now. Monica is actually the daughter of the late Maria Rambeau, or a friend of Captain Marvel whom she met in the first movie dedicated to the character, while teenage Kamala – whose name is Ms. Marvel is not at all a coincidence – is one of Carol’s biggest fans, to the point of getting a room smeared with pictures of her. The heroine and participating in a cosplay contest wearing her own costume.

In the film, the trio will have to unite to face new threats, including Dar Penn, the character he plays Zawy Ashton And he’s already in the comics, where he plays a Kree general. It’s not clear how this new entry will put the newly minted in the works for the heroes, but we do know that this new adventure will take place largely in space. And to the delight of fans, in addition to the many characters encountered in the MCU, the cinematic will bring back to screens not only the now lovable Goose, but also a veritable “army” of flerken, always with tender looks and innocent felines.

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But while we wait for more details about the story to be told in The Marvels, we can take a look at a promotional image that reveals the new look of Kamala Kahn, played by the actress. Iman Villani. The costume clearly maintains the style of the first outfit, with many updates to the cut and decorations, especially on the arms and legs. You can like it below:

Here is a comparison with the previous superhero costume:

The film, as we remember, was directed by Nia DaCosta And see the cast Brie Larson Like Carol Danvers, the opposite Iman Villani And Teona Paris In those of Kamala Kahn and Monica Rambo. Among the other heroes we find Samuel L. Jackson Like Nick Fury and the Korean actor Seo Joon Park In a role that has not yet been revealed. In addition, other members of Ms. Marvel’s family will be returning, such as brother Amir, who plays himself Sagar SheikhHis father, Joseph, who licks his face Mohan Kapoor And her mother is responsible for the role assigned to her Zenobia Shroff.

Here is the official summary:

In the Marvel Studios movie The Marvels, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has regained her identity from the Kree tyrant and exacted her revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But due to unexpected consequences, Carol must bear the weight of an unstable universe. When her duties take her to an abnormal wormhole connected to a Kree revolution, her powers intertwine with those of Kamala Khan, her great Jersey City fan, also known as Ms. Marvel, and with those of Carol’s niece, Captain Monica Rambo, now an astronaut in SABER. Together, this unlikely trio must team up and learn to work together to save the universe in the name of “The Marvels.”

The Marvels movie will hit Italian cinemas todayNovember 8, 2023.

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