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What is the Shadow Council – Canon Guide Star Wars Addicted

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We first saw him on screen in the seventh episode of the third season of The Mandalorian interlocutorBut it’s definitely not in the show Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau that Shadow Council debuted.

The first time we heard of her, in fact, was in the novel The Fallout: Life Debtthe second part of the trilogy thereafter Chuck WendigThe new Canon’s first attempt to tie Episode VI: Return of the Jedi to the events leading up to Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

What is a shadow board?

The Shadow Council is an organization created by Gallius Rax – an imperial and figurehead admiral who replaced the Emperor briefly after his death – whose mission is to work behind the scenes and maneuver the remnants of the Empire into rising again against the fledgling New Republic.

The Shadow Council is made up of the most capable and talented individuals in the Empire, hand-picked by Rax. The Council in its first edition is among its members Ray Sloan dbBrendoll Hooks dbFerik Obdur, Grand Moff Rand And the general Hudnar Borum.
However, to comply with Palpatine’s wishes dbHowever, Rax puts the plan called “Contingency” into action, and gathers all the Imperial forces Jaco dbWith the aim of destroying the planet with the remnants of the Empire and the forces of the New Republic.
The only Shadow Council member Rax decides to save is Brendol Hux, who is essential to rebuilding the Empire.

What is the shadow board & # 8211;  Canon Guide, Star Wars Addict

At 5 ABY, after Jaco battle and the failure of Rax’s coup d’├ętat, who was killed by Ray Sloan, the Shadow Council apparently disbanded.
However, we find it again, in a new guise, after 9 ABY, headed by Moff Gideon dbGilad Blayon db And again Brendol Hux.

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The latter is the father of Armitage Hawks db – He will become a future general The first requestWhile Gilad Pellaeon is a loyal Imperial officer of Thrawn dbwhich traces its beginning to the legends novelheir to the empire.
Once again, the Shadow Council’s goal is to operate out of sight of the New Republic, feigning weakness and disorganization, while weaving intrigues behind the backs of the galaxy.

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