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In Canada, an art dealer is under investigation for fraud. More than 1000 works are involved in the process

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Emily Carr, Skatons, 1912
Some of these works Emily Carr And David BlackwoodTwo of the most important and recognized Canadian artists.

The owner of a gallery in Canada became suspicious when an art dealer who had been assigned the responsibility of selling four works stopped answering his calls. The gallery, which a businessman based in Oak Bay on Vancouver Island said was collaborating, was also closed. Questionable tasks? Three paintings by an acclaimed Canadian artist Emily Carr And by a watercolor David Blackwood.

The gallery owner then complained to local police in Sanich on April 11, who immediately linked the event to what happened to other subjects who reported similar experiences. Three search warrants were issued for the major crime unit that seized more than 1,000 works of art At three storage sites, Saanich, Oak Bay and Langford.

The fraudster’s method is very simple and probably very useful for this reason as well. He was able to persuade the gallery owners – with persuasive skills and false credentials – to evaluate their works or try to sell them. After that it disappeared without a trace.

The estimated value of the captured works is in the millions of dollars. Currently the works are kept in a safe place.

The art dealer was arrested on April 21, but Sony police have refused to release his name until the charges are announced in court. The defendant has since been acquitted under a number of conditions. The charges against him are fraud and fraud. The first rumors refer to the suspect Calvin Lucicin Winchester Galleries.

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The owner of the gallery had already been the subject of a civil lawsuit against him by former owners of the gallery, Gunder Heinrich and Anthony Sam, who never paid the $ 155,000 he needed to buy the company.

Investigators are currently in contact with the artists and the owners of the captured works and are returning them to their rightful owners.

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