Home entertainment Super Mario Bros. Collections: A Weekend That Exceeded All Expectations in the US, 377 Million Worldwide! | Cinema

Super Mario Bros. Collections: A Weekend That Exceeded All Expectations in the US, 377 Million Worldwide! | Cinema

Super Mario Bros. Collections: A Weekend That Exceeded All Expectations in the US, 377 Million Worldwide!  |  Cinema

in the end Super Mario Bros movie It exceeded all expectations, turning into a cinematic phenomenon that seemed unthinkable a few days ago. However, it must be said that the signs of this success were all there: despite the not particularly enthusiastic reception from critics, the anticipation of the release of the film based on Nintendo’s beloved brand was evident. Illumination tends to make blockbusters, and the film’s CinemaScore A rating immediately proved to be a very positive reception from audiences, reflecting very positive word of mouth. The release in the middle of the week, but at the start of the Easter weekend, then gave the possibility of amplifying that word of mouth, and that’s how Super Mario Bros. Ultimate became Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. Watch movies For American audiences and beyond. Let’s add that it’s been months since a great family movie hit the cinema, that the Nintendo brand has a so-called “quartet” appeal, is able to satisfy all age groups, and we have all the ingredients for a real success at the box office.

That’s how the movie grossed $146.3 million in the weekend between Friday and Sunday, which turns out to be $204.6 million in five days. That’s nearly double the already rosy forecast, which until a few days ago spoke of $110 million in the weekend.

Outside the United States, Mario has collected $172.8 million, taking a worldwide total of $377 million in just five days. The film cost an estimated $100 million, a budget that was split between Universal and Nintendo, who also share the profits from the film. Needless to say, within five days I already started making profits.

Here are some of the records broken by the movie:

  • Biggest opening weekend gross for a movie based on a video game in the US (previously: Sonic 2, $72.1 million)
  • Highest-grossing video game film of all time in the United States (Ex: Sonic 2, $190.8 million)
  • Best international debut for an animated film (previously: Frozen 2 with $358 million)

Among the regions that benefited the most were Mexico with 24.7 million, the United Kingdom with 19.6 million, Germany with 14 million, and China with 12 million.

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The next three spots on the US weekend chart all have in excess of $14 million: Three years We haven’t found many movies that gross over $10 million in the same weekend. It is evidence that the release of many interesting films, promoted in the right way, brings the audience to the cinema.

Overall, the chart raised $190 million, up nearly 30% from the same weekend in 2019.

Moving to the second position, we find John Wick 4, with another $14.6 million and a strong third weekend in control. Overall, the film grossed $147 million, for a worldwide total of $304 million.

Instead, it drops to third place Dungeons & Dragons: Tribute to Thieves, which raises another $14.5 million, and has lost about 61% compared to its debut. Overall, it topped $62.2 million, for a worldwide total of $124 million.

It opens in fourth place Air – The Story of the Big Leap, which succeeded in adapting the anti-programs by collecting 14.4 million dollars and thus rose to a total of 20.2 million dollars in five days: it is a debut above expectations for a Ben Affleck film, which belongs to a genre that in recent years he has struggled to bring. audience in the hall. Outside the United States, it made another $10.5 million, for a worldwide total of $30.7 million.

Closes the top five Sixth scream, now in its fifth weekend: the film has taken in another $3.3 million, grossing $103.8 million in the United States and $161.6 million worldwide. It will soon become the highest earner in the saga.

USA Fields 7-9 April 2023

  1. The Super Mario Bros. movie. – $146,360,000 – $204,628,865
  2. John Wick: Chapter 4 – $14,600,000 – $147,066,799
  3. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – $14,500,000 – $62,277,540
  4. Air – $14,468,000 – $20,214,826
  5. Scream VI – $3,315,000 – $103,846,400
  6. His only son – $3,250,000 – $11,044,046
  7. Creed III – $2,816,000 – $153,272,770
  8. Shazam! Wrath of the Gods – $1,600,000 – $56,603,000
  9. Paint – $750,000 – $750,000
  10. One Thousand and Ones – $600,000 – $2,960,150

source: BOM extension

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