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Let’s get to know the features and price together

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Thanks to the perfect balance of size, power and handling. Designed to be more efficient and fun to drive

Honda SH was the legend of our youth. One of the most popular motorcycles. Now it is back, with a new look, with a newness that makes it attractive even for our years. And it will be more beautiful to drive it, for the sake of memories of the past, but also for the sake of the opportunities of the present and the future.

Honda SH150i (Honda)

The new SH150i is Italy’s best-selling scooter, thanks to the perfect balance of size, power and handling. Designed to be more efficient and fun to drive. And it’s precisely driving efficiency that Honda relies on to introduce the all-new SH150i. It has become even more natural thanks to a complete redesign of the rear suspension geometry.

It is now possible to keep a full-face helmet with additional space available. Thanks to the tubular steel frame (which houses the 7-liter fuel tank under the flat platform), there’s even more usable space: the total space obtained for 10 liters comes to 28 liters of available space in the cabin under the saddle. There is also an integrated practical USB socket.

Equipped with a clear and intuitive LCD dashboard, the new SH150i is decked out with full LED lights. Furthermore, for more practical use of the scooter, the Honda Smart Key allows starting, accessing the fuel cap, opening the saddle and the standard Smart Top Box with simple keyless touches. Windshields and handguards are standard and very useful for those who use scooters even in winter.

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Features and price

The new SH150i is equipped with a multitude of functions capable of meeting far beyond the needs of a simple scooter ride. Ultra-slender and elegant, the headlight assembly includes a central high beam and low side beam, while the position light is integrated into the steering wheel. The taillight is also fully LED and is equipped with a chrome frame, along with the front lighting.

Honda SH150i (Honda) 20.5.2022 Quattromania
Honda SH150i (Honda)

To improve the SH150i’s long-distance performance, Honda has developed a liquid-cooled 156.9cc eSP + 4V engine, which delivers more power (16 hp at 8500 rpm) and torque (14.2 Nm at 6500 rpm) than the previous 2V engine. The acceleration from standstill and recovery is improved and the top speed is increased by 5 km/h. Whether in the city or on the highway, the SH150i ensures optimum performance and fuel economy.

All of this, however, doesn’t affect the green aspect that the SH150i focuses on much. Fuel consumption (with Start & Stop off) increases from 42.2 km/l for the eSP + 2V engine to 43.5 km/l for the eSP + 4V engine (WMTC medium cycle), which brings the total range in excess of 300 km. Equally important for the environment, the engine complies with EURO 5 standards, the limits of which are more stringent than the previous EURO 4 standard. The list price for the new SH150i is €3,790.00. Also for this convenience, it is the best selling scooter in Italy.

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