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If science is poetry courts

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God particle, water memory, love gland, immortality gene, love equation. Science follows myth, religion, fiction, and poetry. And sometimes he finds unexpected harmony, intrigues of fate, previously unheard connections. Scientists do not usually baptize in this way. They are linguistic miracles, sometimes lexical delusions, suggestions in the press, just to intrigue readers. Science does not find God or evidence of his non-existence, does not fish memories in the sea as poets do, and does not scientifically demonstrate the love that moves the world and the stars, unites and gives birth; And he does not discover immortality, at most the law of old age which he can resist, but he does not discover. Higgs did not discover God, just as Darwin did not discover his non-existence. Science explains, fixes, delays and mitigates. It does not offer solutions forever, nor does it reveal supernatural truths. If you are looking for God, you cannot find him by studying and experimenting. You find it by betting with a tense mind and an open heart. As did the believer and Christian mathematician and scientist Blaise Pascal. So love, so memories come from obscure places that science clumsily pursues. However, the discovery of the boson sounds great: it hints at something, and it evokes intelligence. It is nice to be fascinated like big children by the mysteries of the universe touched by science and flourishing in poetry. Stardust.

Corriere di Puglia and Lucania Editorial Staff

National Courier

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