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“Julia” is a pure reality movie exclusively at Spazio Alfieri

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foot in Days of the authors of the Venice Film Festival, exclusively for Spazio Alfieri starting Thursday, February 17th at 9.15 pm with the director’s guest on Tuesday February 22 at 6.00 pm

The third movie Cerro de Caro Confirms the talent of the director who was distinguished by small worship The story of spaghetti JuliaWritten by the director with the lead actress Rosa Palaciano, He talks about characters on the fringes of society, and reclusiveness meets around the character of Julia, a feminine character who seems extravagant, untrue, free and unconventional.

The seemingly directed, written, and misleading spontaneity of actions should not be: Julia is a film with a more complex structure than its lightness reveals itselfa little bit of space “YouTube-Romanesque”who wants to hang out with him freely between the summer city and the coast, between auditions, parties in breeding, terrace parties and sunrise on the beach.

de caro puts the story in contemporary era Characterized by masks, gel sterilizers, economic crises but above all internal crises. Julia, wandering the streets of Rome in search of work, after a badly ended relationship, pursues an illusory dream of motherhood, wishing at the same time with feelings of freedom, lightness and love. With her backpack on her shoulder, she finds a home wherever she goes. Your meetings will fill her days by giving her a roof and lots of support. This hot Roman summer is for her a period of hope and recovery as she finally realizes that she must be the engine of her life.

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The work is part of the macro set of films shot in the Covid era, but the epidemic here does not contradict the plot. The cues are translated by adopting habits that we all now internalize. We can’t help but smile when the characters don’t know when to remove the mask, or how to greet a stranger for the first time. These details add tangibleness to the work, which is very realistic in itself.

“Realism, in fact, is the most striking element. The film attempts to capture the truth and convey it to us with complete success. The topic of not being able to exist in the world is as complex as Julia’s character, but the handheld camera faithfully reproduces mental and emotional crisis situations without slipping into exaggeration or over-construction. Filming equipment was kept to a minimum, there was no makeup for the actors and the music only interfered when the characters were dancing and singing songs. This natural and pure state of things gives the film a rare beauty.” (My films).

Space Alfiery

Thursday, February 17, 9.15 pm


From Cerro de Caro
with Rosa Palaciano, Valerio Di Benedetto, Fabrizio Siavoni, Matteo Quinzi.
Drama Genre – Italy, 2021

Tuesday, February 22, 6.00 pm
guest director Cerro de Caro

informations Tel: 055 5320840 –

entrance: 8.00 € full – reduced 6.00 € – reduced for students under 18 € 5.00

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