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Mysterious brain disease strikes young people in the Canadian province

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A mysterious brain disease affects young people, but local authorities cover up the number of victims and do not disclose what they have found. An anonymous researcher decides to return to the newspaper that publishes the story. It sounds like a movie plot, but it’s actually happening in Canada.

Anonymous whistleblower, an employee of Vitalight Health Network, a public health authority, al. Defender The Canadian province of New Brunswick is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of young people suffering from rapid cognitive decline with weight loss, insomnia, limited mobility, hallucinations, and difficulty concentrating. Started talking about this in the spring of 2021, local authorities did not change it, fixing the number of cases they are investigating to 48. But the number of victims of the mysterious syndrome has already reached at least 150, and dozens more other cases are yet to be checked.

“I’m very worried about these cases because they develop so quickly – the informant said -” I care about these people, we have an obligation to explain to them. It is very difficult to give at this time. Conditions occur when it is determined that a man suddenly had dementia and a case of suffering from ataxia, which was helped by his wife, who also suddenly began to suffer from muscular dystrophy, dementia, hallucinations and insomnia, and soon became more serious than her husband.

There are many cases of nurses helping patients with the same neurological disorders, but the most worrying aspect is that a large number of young people, who are not suffering from any pathology, suffer from the mysterious disease. A young mother quickly lost 20 pounds, developing insomnia and hallucinations. New Brunswick officials are expected to announce by January that the number of mysterious cases is the result of misdiagnosis, according to a Vitalit employee who chose to remain anonymous because of a lack of authority to speak and fear of revenge. Different conditions with specific symptoms.

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A study that contradicts the findings of the Mangton City Special Neurosurgery Clinic Clinic, which examined reported cases in the region and surrounding areas. The tests performed have caused great confusion among physicians as they have not been able to make an accurate diagnosis. The human brain is one of the most complex organs for diagnosis and can only be confirmed by analyzing it after the patient’s death. However, physicians are cautious because neurological diseases are rare in young subjects and are much lower in percentage than those recorded in the region.

In October, New Brunswick officials said there was no evidence of food, behavior or environmental exposure that could explain the disease. But there are also those who raise some doubts about the neurotoxin produced by beta-methylamino-L-alanine (BMMA), a cyanobacteria found in seawater and freshwater. Tests to find out their existence and occurrence are very complex and it is desirable not to do them yet. It appears that the authorities are doing everything they can to incite conspiracy theories, and the families of the victims are arranging to force their loved ones to find out what is going on in their community. Like in the old movies, talking in the newspaper seems like an even better thing.

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