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Crimes Previews BarLume “Paradiso Resort”

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new date with flash crimeswhose second story is about to appear on Sky, Paradise Resorts. After the success of last week, the series, which is halfway between action and comedy, continues with Filippo Timi and Corrado Guzzanti with new intrigue: here’s what happens.

The second story flash crimesSky Original co-produced with PalomarAnd Paradise Resortshe arrives Exclusively on Monday, January 16th. The broadcast time is set to 21.15 on me Sky Cinema One and Sky Cinema 4K (And at 21.45 also on Sky Cinema Comedy). The series is also available for streaming only right Now It exists on demandAnd Even in 4K.

Filippo Timi as a scene in the new episode of I delitti del BarLume (Sky Coutesy Press Office) – VelvetMag

Paradise Resorts It is the second episode of the new three-storey cycle flash crimesNow in its tenth edition. The show is based on the literary series of the same name Glim’s novels to Marco Malfaldi. Also in this new season, the cast is led by Filippo Timmy, with whom we will find the faces we have come to know and appreciate over the years. So here’s what will happen in the second story, soon Sunday 15 January.

flash crimeshe arrives Paradise Resorts Over Heaven: Plot and Previews for the Second Story

flash crimes He came This year in the tenth season And for the occasion they were proposed we will Three new stories. Directed by Akkad Rowan Johnson (He’s also a creative producer for Stories), this year he’s joined Milena Cocoza, who directed the episode “So zumba!” , as well as the historical figures who made BarLume famous: Philip Timmy Still playing Massimo Viviani, Lucia Maskino those of Commissioner Fusco, Enrico Guidi It’s tizi, “elders.” Alexander you are welcome (emo), Marcellus Marziali (Gino), Athos Davini (pilades), Massimo Paganelli (Aldo), Conrad Guzzante He is Paolo Pasquale, an insurance company of Venetian origins, e Stephen Friese He is Beppe Battaglia, Massimo’s half-brother. Even the new chapters are freely inspired by the universe of the series “The Crimes of Parlum” by Marco Malfaldi, published in Italy by Salerio Editor.

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Corrado Guzzanti as a scene from the new episode of I delitti del BarLume (Sky Courtesy Press Office) - VelvetMag
Corrado Guzzanti as a scene from the new episode of I delitti del BarLume (Sky Courtesy Press Office) – VelvetMag

in the new story Paradise Resorts, a luxurious and elegant resort that turns out to be a very dangerous trap. What is done in these cases? Do you pack your bags and run away? No, if you are Maraschino Bardini stay there and end up in a lot of trouble. If Instead You’re Emo (Alexander you are welcome), gino (Marcellus Martial), aldo (Massimo Paganelli) and pilads (Athos Davini), while you’re at it, check a little bit too. Meanwhile, Benita, a charming thief who has stolen more than one heart, is returned by Anna Rosic, which does not bode well for Fusco (Lucia Maskino). And you know, our Commissioner is always right. In short, what will happen? To find out, all that remains is to catch up on the episode, which airs on Sky Cinema on January 15th, from 9.15pm, and available as streaming exclusively on NOW.

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