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Orlando Bloom announced on the cast of Sony –

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Orlando Bloom He is the new star proclaimed within the cast The movie Gran Turismoproduced by Sony and clearly focused on the racing game series of the same name, in what appears to be a cinematic celebration of motorsports.

Orlando Bloom will play a Rampant Executivewho promotes the world of racing from a marketing standpoint “but who might also end up believing in the art of racing,” reads the brief description published by The Hollywood Reporter.

Orlando Bloom

So Bloom joins David Harbor (the Hopper of Stranger Things), who is announced these days on the cast of Gran Turismo.

The movie is directed by Neil Blomkamp, which has films like District 9 and Elysium to its advantage, so it generally looks like a production with great depth. Among the heroes are young Archie Madikwe, while the script of the film is entrusted to Jason Hall (American sniper) and Zack Palin (King Richard).

From what we know, Gran Turismo will focus on one True story The film is described as “a fictional story made by a Gran Turismo player whose skill in the game eventually led him to win a series of Nissan competitions, becoming a true professional driver.”

Archie Medkoy So he must play the young hero, while Harbor will be a retired pilot who will guide the boy towards a greater knowledge of the art of driving. Filming on Gran Turismo is expected to begin next week in Europe.

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