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Jordan Peele is working on his fourth movie. It also shows the release date

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Jordan Peelethe famous production manager eg Escape – get outAnd we And nogetting ready to get back to work with his highly anticipated persona Fourth movie.

The confirmation came after the words “A fourth untitled film directed by Jordan PeeleThe list also appears to reveal a file release date From the movie that will be set for Christmas Day 2024.

This date means Peele’s fourth film could hit the big screen a week after the highly anticipated film Avatars 3 by James Cameron and a few days later Sonic the movie 3, arriving on December 20 of the same year. Peele’s new movie will likely take the date the musical was left vacant evilwhich was previously scheduled for release that week, but was recently pushed by the studio to Thanksgiving.

About the potential plot of the new Jordan Peele movie instead Nothing is known yet. In fact, no information has been released at the moment, neither regarding the species that will be explored nor regarding the possible names involved in the cast.

The film that marked Peele’s debut, 2017’s psychological horror Escape – get outquickly became a hit with both audiences and critics, grossing $255 million and making money Four Academy Award nominationsReceived the statuette for Best Original Screenplay. This was followed in 2019 by the thriller doppelg√§nger we, which also grossed $255 million at the worldwide box office. director latest movies, noinstead earned $170 million worldwide garnering full acclaim from critics and audiences once again.

What do you expect from the next Jordan Peele movie? Let us know in the comments!

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