June 3, 2023

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$3.5 million for fake Pokemon cards recovered – Nerd4.life

Looks like there was a happy ending to the story Logan Paul Which 3.5 million dollars spent a box of pokemon card Turned out to be wrong, as the number appears to have been Cold YouTuber who turned into a boxer.

Now the thing is known: Logan Paul has spent a colossal sum, or $3.5 million, for what should have been a fund of very rare Pokémon cards, only to realize that these were fakes. This was also confirmed by the Chicago-based Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE), the company that had to guarantee the authenticity of the products in the box: instead of Pokémon cards, there were GI Joe stickers, apparently.

Although there is no final official “episode” of the story yet, which will likely end once again on YouTube, through a video with Logan, it appears that the amount paid by the character in question, according to what was reported ShinThat is, the person who put in his pocket a huge amount for counterfeit cards.

Logan Paul and Shane at the time of the Pokémon Card Chest sale

He himself, on the other hand, seems to have been unaware of this, considering that he too had bought the chest from the collectors of Meelyops and Card Kahuna, obviously without opening it at all.

In fact, at the moment, it seems that Shane is the one left and the match in hand, as he will now have to deal with these sellers, which is why he has already turned into some legal. The whole affair still seems like some sort of scenario for a series of social media influencer videos, to be honest, but let’s wait and see how the matter develops further.

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