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Jessica Rosewall helps other women from Canada to Modena through food: “Migration creates well-being, creates culture” – Sulbanaro

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By Francesca Monari

For her, cooking is a real mission: a community, too. She is the founder of AIW, Association for Integration of Women, a collective founded by Modena women of foreign origin to help young immigrants integrate and enter the world of work.

Joining them in the world of hospitality is the company’s latest project: Roots, a community restaurant and multifunctional space in the heart of Modena, where Jessica is the culinary director. Every year, 16 aspiring immigrant women are given the opportunity to start a business in the restaurant industry. do you like Through the three-month culinary training courses, these women are given the tools they need to be able to independently start a business in a sector that, to date, continues to suffer from a shortage of workers.

For Jessica, and for these young women in Modena, food is a symbol of integration. Indeed, through their food, they have the opportunity to tell their own story and experiences, connecting their culture and the city that welcomed them.

Jessica Roswell

Born in Montreal 36 years ago, Jessica Rosewall enrolled in chef school at the age of eighteen. Eager to discover new lands, she comes to Italy, more precisely to Emilia.

Francesca Jessica meets Massimo Bottura over lunch at Asteria, who, after an exchange of culinary ideas and concepts, offers her a two-week trial in the kitchen. After this period, he was hired and first took on the role of Chef de Partie at Osteria Franciscana, then Chef de Cuisine at Casa Maria Luigia, where he fully combines his culture with the characteristics of the territory.

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“I still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to work there, I come every day and have to discover something new” – says Roswall.

I have to say that it was nice to write the opposite this time, as I write about young people from Modena abroad!

Photo of Jessica Rosewall courtesy of Cinefood

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