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Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | US intelligence: “a critical stage.” Today, a possible breakthrough on arms for Ukraine

From Lorenzo Cremonese, Francesco Battistini, editorial online

And the news of the war on Wednesday, June 15, was on the air: the Ukrainian president asked for more artillery pieces, today the defense ministers of 47 countries met to provide the necessary weapons. US intelligence: a critical stage

• The war in Ukraine Arrived on day 112.
• Draghi affirms Israel’s mediation efforts in the Ukraine conflict and re-launches the commitment to avoid a food disaster.
• Moscow announced today the opening of a humanitarian corridor for civilian refugees inside the Azot chemical plant Severodonetsk. Russia called on the fighters at the facility to release the civilians and lay down their weapons. For Kiev: at least 550 people.
• GB: The Russians came to Kharkiv for the first time in weeks.
• Russia cuts gas from Europe by 40% From Nord Stream 1: Prices go up instantly.
• Biden announces: We will build temporary silos on the borders of Ukraine wheat export.

• Today, June 15, the defense ministers of 47 countries around the world will meet and try to develop a strategy for a ceasefire and peace.
• The war is at a critical stage, and US intelligence warns: a decisive moment for the fate of the conflict. This is how the army regroups at the point of Guido Olympio and Andrea Marinelli.

06:46 – Severodonetsk, slow evacuation continues after bombing

Ukrainian authorities said they are continuing to evacuate civilians from Severodonetsk at all times of calm after the destruction of the three main bridges outside the eastern city due to Russian bombing. As the fight for control of the city intensified, local authorities said they still had ways to evacuate people, although it was not immediately clear what path the Ukrainian military was taking. Roads to the city are rather difficult, but they are there, Oleksandr Struik, head of the Severdonesk military administration, told Ukrainian television, adding that evacuations happen every minute when there is silence or when there is a possibility of transportation.

06:45 – The Russian Black Sea Fleet has 20 cruise missiles

The Russian fleet in the Black Sea threatens Ukraine with 20 cruise missiles. This was stated by the spokesman for the Southern Operations Command of the Armed Forces in Kyiv Vladislav Nazarov. He explained that two ships and a submarine equipped with 20 cruise missiles still pose a threat of a missile strike from the sea.

06:37 – Blinkin: Kyiv’s future depends on his will

US Secretary of State Blinken also insists on Ukraine’s autonomy in future options. Ukraine’s future depends on its people. Democratically elected institutions, starting with President Zelensky, will have to determine what is in the best interests of the state and its people. We will support it.

04:45 – Here is the list of weapons Ukraine needs: a thousand guns and a drone

(By Giuseppe Sarsina, Washington correspondent)
The Contact Group for Ukraine, made up of defense ministers from 47 countries, is meeting today, Wednesday, June 15 in Brussels. At the same time, the summit of defense ministers of the 30 NATO countries is being held. Yesterday, Tuesday 14, Volodymyr Zelensky’s closest advisor on Twitter noted the needs of the Ukrainian resistance. The Ministry of Defense announced that 60 MLRs (Multiple Launch Missile System, American-made) long rocket launchers are needed to prevent the advance of the Russians into the Donbass; With 40 they will continue to advance. For now, Ukrainians still point out that the US and UK have promised a handful. Mykhaylo Podoliak, Zelensky’s advisor, posted on Twitter the list of ingredients to win the war.
Here they are: 1,000 Hofitzer rifles, 155 mm caliber; 300 ml 500 tanks 2000 armored vehicles; 1000 drones. He concluded: Today the contact group meets. Expect a response. But Podolak’s expectations are likely to be disappointed. His list is very ambitious. However, it is true that today’s double designation should give some tangible indications. The Ukrainians will lose ground in the Donbass, and most of all, they will have a shortage of ammunition. The first step will touch, once again, US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, founder of the Contact Group. In Washington, suspicion began to spread even within the administration, which the New York Times regularly intercepted. How long will Zelensky bear the brunt of the Russians? Officially, however, the line does not change. Joe Biden has repeated it in recent days. Under Secretary of Defense Colin H. They will decide. The logical conclusion, then, is that the United States and the West in general should provide Zelensky with the necessary weapons if not to win the war, as Podolyak would like, at least so as not to overwhelm them.

02:2001:41 – Biden will build border silos for Ukraine’s grain exports: US intelligence, war reaches critical stage

The United States will build temporary silos on the border with Ukraine to facilitate the export of Ukrainian wheat to the world, which has now been banned due to the conflict with Russia. We will build silos, temporary silos on the borders of Ukraine, including Poland, announced by Joe Biden, speaking in Philadelphia. So we can get (grain) from those cars to silos to European silos to take it across the ocean around the world. He stressed that it takes time. Here’s the wheat crisis and the real dangers to Europe, in Melina Gabanelli’s Dataroom.

The war in Ukraine has reached a decisive stage that could determine the long-term outcome of the conflict. Several sources close to US and Western intelligence, according to CNN, also show how this crucial moment could force a difficult decision on the part of Western governments, which have so far provided support to Ukraine at an ever-increasing cost to their economies and national arms stockpiles. According to a senior US defense official, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will be ready to lead a working group of about 50 countries to discuss the crisis. I think it’s about to get to the point where one side or the other will succeed – said a senior NATO official – either the Russians will get to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk or the Ukrainians will stop them here. And if the Ukrainians can hold out here, in the face of such a number of troops, it will be significant. But at what stage is the war?

11:42pm – Stoltenberg, Zelensky will speak at the NATO Summit in Madrid

I look forward to welcoming President Zelensky to address the NATO leaders at our summit in Madrid. NATO Secretary General said: Jens Stoltenberg, following an informal meeting Tuesday at the Dutch Prime Minister’s official residence in The Hague, which was jointly hosted by his Danish counterpart. In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we strengthened our ability to protect and defend every inch of NATO territory. We will take the next steps in Madrid.

11:42 p.m. – Zelensky, more anti-missile weapons needed. Important talks this week

We continue to tell our partners that Ukraine needs modern anti-missile weapons. Our country still does not have a sufficient level. The delay cannot be justified. I will constantly emphasize this when speaking to our partners. We made the first calls for anti-missile systems long before the all-out invasion. The Ukrainian president said on Telegram Volodymyr Zelensky. He added that there will be many important and varied talks this week, and not only with European politicians who are able to provide Ukraine with modern anti-missile systems.

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