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Jeff Dalla Santa, the new goalkeeper of the Mastiff

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Sarah Domenico “Jeff” Dalla Santa One of the goalkeepers in Mastiff For the new season 2022-2023. With the card owned by Cortina, the youngster was sent last season on loan to Vaasa, accumulating experience in the AHL as a reserve for the starting goalkeeper. At the end of the tournament, he was called into the fold and now the loan is realized with Varese.

Profile of Jeff Della Santa

the correctAnd the 24 years Still to be done and the physicality that allows him to have a good presence in the door mirror, “Jeff” (as everyone calls him) is according to many an excellent prospect. Fast in his movements and with a body shaped by one of his greatest passions (the gym), Dalla Santa still wants to improve himself.

born in Pieve di Cadore, He had experience in the third division with his country, but it was Cortina who allowed him to conduct a full training session among the youth teams. I have learned a lot from Marco Di Filippo, One of the national team goalkeepers he has shared the ice with in Cortina, but he is also inspired by some of the great goalkeepers who play in NHL or in the Swiss league.

A sociable boy, he knows how to fit well in the dressing room, knows how to make a group, he has no particular hobbies and, as already mentioned, He loves the gym, to whom he devotes a lot of time and attention, to lead the life of an athlete. When he played in Division 1, the boy proved comfortable by dribbling very well, with enviable proportions, and then the double-jump in the class, in the AHL, jumped to the bench, giving him the opportunity to learn a lot from his teammates and from different training methods. International humanitarian law can be the middle ground to prove their worth, prove their existence and prepare for the final launch in the world of national hockey.

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“I wasn’t expecting to be a part of Varese and it was an almost unexpected situation for me – says Jeff Dalla Santa -. I would have liked it, but now that it’s official I’m really happy and can’t wait to get started. It’s been so many months we haven’t even slipped On the ice and the idea of ​​going back excites me. Last year I personally had a bad season Because of the injury that has affected me a lot since November, but due to the needs of the team, I still had to keep training and playing, so the pain increased more and more with the recovery periods. I’m fine now but it took several months to recover. Now I only want to go on the ice, if only out of curiosity to see how I am after the physical problems I have had in a turbulent year like last.”

« Last season base Vasa The player continues, he helped me a lot in gaining experience and I definitely feel better. It was such an important time for me for this very reason. I don’t have a strong point yet because I am trying to improve on all the basics. On the contrary, to tell the truth, I don’t want to be rated as a good goalkeeper in a particular thing, but I would like to develop in different aspects at the same time just to become a complete goalkeeper, improving little by little day by day.”

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