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What is it and why rush to the supermarket right away

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From Eurospin’s offer at €29 not to be missed, here’s what it is You must own it From the moment and duration of the offer in the supermarket.

The new year has just begun and after the expenses incurred during the holidays, it is best to check your wallet.

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Fortunately, we have many ways to save money, thanks also to widespread distribution. That is, to promotions that supermarkets regularly hold. There are several supermarket chains in Italy where you can save money, and Eurospin is one of them.

Let’s talk about one Italian reality, despite the name, was born in 1993 with the intention of offering an alternative to established discount stores. In a few years, people have realized that this is possible in this supermarket Quality at low pricesSo far, Eurospin is a company with an excellent reputation.

In some articles we talked aboutWide range of supermarkets Which, with its product lines, guarantees one convenient account. Even without making customers give up on quality.

The last food for thought, in chronological order, dates back to a short time ago, when we reported on Comparison of quality/price of brand-name smoked salmon with that in Esselunga supermarkets. Which, we recall, in addition to its internal branding, also has a cheaper line, the “Smart Line”.

Let’s find out then What a surprise the Eurospin promotion reserves for the moment for us And why is it convenient to catch it on the fly.

The Eurospin offer at €29 is throwing away, here’s what it is and why you’re running to the supermarket

The offer is valid For a few more days until January 15, 2023. Within the Eurospin supermarkets we can find fresh and long-life foods, but also items for individuals, luxury and home.

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Precisely in this last category of products we find the offer: Stainless steel pressure cooker for € 29.99.

Let’s talk about A product that has not known more “fame” in recent times than it did in the past. But a pressure cooker in the kitchen can solve many problems, especially energy saving. as we know This type of pot cooks any food to perfection in a very short time. So with less expenditure of gas or electricity.

Yes why The pressure cooker sold by Eurospin is suitable for both gas and induction hobs. That is why it is worth taking advantage of the offer. The pot, as mentioned, is entirely made of stainless steel with a triple bottom, has three valves and a safety lock for the handle.

So we have the opportunity to re-evaluate the pot that our grandmothers certainly used. Pressure cooking offers only advantages: not only a reduction in times by at least a quarter, but also a yield of food without a lot of seasoning. Perfect to keep us fit, after all the restrictions we had due to covid.

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