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Trump is blocking investigations into the Capitol attack – Biden opposes it

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Former President Donald Trump wants to prevent the release of White House documents during his tenure.

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A fight is brewing between the US president over the January 6 investigation into the Capitol attack Joe Biden And its predecessor Donald Trump In the distance. The White House announced Friday that Biden will not block the submission of certain documents from the National Archives to the Congressional Committee. “These documents are White House records of the Trump era,” spokeswoman Jen Zaki said. Trump wants to prevent this – and insists on so-called executive privilege. It is the right of the President to withhold certain information from Congress or the courts.

Trump supporters attacked the US Congress seat in Washington on January 6. Five people were killed, including a police officer. Trump provoked his supporters in a speech and had to face indictment because of the attack. However, at the end of the trial, the Republicans were acquitted. The panel in the US House of Representatives is examining the background to the attack on Capitol. The establishment of the intelligence system has already been the subject of intense discriminatory conflicts between Democrats and Republicans.

Spokesman Zaki said the government of Democrat Biden was cooperating with the group. The group had requested documents from the National Archives to investigate the Capitol attack. Saki said the former president has a deadline to use the executive offer. The current president has a deadline to consider this application. For the first set of documents, Biden concluded that confidentiality could not be used. “We believe it is not political to see the events of January 6 not happen again,” Zaki said. Each time you make new decisions you need to ask for documents.

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Trump responded angrily and accused Democrats of using Congress to harass political opponents. These wanted to calm his movement. He will not be afraid. There have been earlier reports that the former Trump is trying to prevent a congressional committee investigating the U.S. Capitol storm from testifying. In a letter to the Politico portal and the Washington Post, Trump asked the men not to cooperate with the prosecution.

The group was convened in mid-October by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Trump’s social media chief Don Scovino and a former defense official. In addition, some documents were requested from four persons. Trump’s attorney’s letter also stated that the documents fall under administrative privilege. Trump is ready to defend this right in court.

Steve Bannon (archive).

Steve Bannon (archive).

Image: Keystone

The congressional committee announced Friday that Bannon, a former Trump strategist, has indicated he wants to cover up “vague hints about the former president’s offers.” The “New York Times” previously reported, citing Bannon’s lawyer’s letter, that he would not send any documents or make any statement until the obvious questions were clarified. In the letter, attorney Trump also demanded an administrative privilege.

Bunnan is one of the most influential voices in the radical conservative camp of American politics. Trump joined the team before the 2016 election campaign phase and later accepted the leadership of the election campaign. After Trump went to the White House, Bonan became Trump’s main strategist, described as having the greatest influence. In Summer In 2017, Bonan had to take off his hat under pressure from Trump.

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Former Chief of Staff Lawn and former Defense Officer Kash Patel will work with the team, Chairman Benny G said. Thompson said. At the same time, he threatened anyone who opposed a sapona with criminal charges for ignoring Congress. The group recently summoned the organizers of several rallies on January 6. “The Commission of Inquiry expects all of these witnesses to comply with our requests for documents and testimony,” it said. He will not be deterred by those who tried to obstruct the investigation. (sda / dpa)

Trump supporters attacked Capitol


Trump supporters attacked Capitol

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