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The dress is very low cut

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Katerina Balivo once again had the opportunity to stand out with her unique splendor and at the premiere of the film charmed everyone.

The world of television has always benefited from a series of charming and unique beauties, with Katrina Palivo Which without any kind of problem can pretty much fall into this awesome category.

However, the beautiful Neapolitan knows very well how the world of entertainment works, with the small screen certainly still very important but which has lost much of its charm, for this reason, in order to always remain the center of attention, she needed to exploit her Instagram channel.


In fact, for several years now we’ve seen his profile grow more and more, with a number of followers who have no intention of slowing down and stopping, giving the awesome bell a chance to improve once again.

Recently, everyone is talking about the release of the movie Gods, The sequel to a series that was already a huge hit in the past, with a fantastic brow which could not be absent from the premiere.

Of course, it is the most important cities in Italy that have caught the attention of the stars the most, with the stunning Caterina choosing our capital to be able to attend the halls.

Cinema outer space In fact, he was really happy to be able to host the gorgeous anchor and to be able to once again give her the opportunity to show off in a really eye-catching dress.

Thus, the Bailiff decided to attend the screening of the movie in theaters in a long blue dress, but the thing that definitely angered everyone was her cleavage.

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Thus she was once again able to highlight her really sexy breasts more and more, one of those charms that once again gave her fans the opportunity to be patient so that they could enjoy more shots.

Katrina Palivo and the big success on TV: What brings us now?

for many years Katrina Palivo He was one of the nicest faces in the world of rai ever, with national television always able to capitalize not a bit on his cool.

But now the situation has completely changed, with Napoli who wanted to renew and for this reason they are now very happy and proud to be able to take part in the test.words at stake on the A7.

The channel has grown tremendously in recent years, so much so that for all intents and purposes it can be defined as the third largest in the world of Italian television, known and appreciated by Italy.

As always, the beautiful Katrina did not want to take a trivial and simple test, but in it you need a lot of skill and ability to know how to disentangle the different words, synonyms and definitions of the language that was Dante Alighieri.

Katrina Palivo

It is said that when a door closes the door opens and that is exactly what happened to the beautiful Ballivo which still today continues to show not only its singular splendor, but also one of the best conductors in the Belpaese.

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