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Satellite images show the damage –

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to Guido Olympio

Satellite imagery provided by Maxar Technologies. In one shot, you can see the ground on the roadside marked by dozens of blast craters: each hole corresponding to a cannon shot or the impact of a missile.

The surface of the moon. Battlefield of World War I. the Scar of war in Ukraine. Tell a lot about the satellite image published by Maxar, “fixed” in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bV Strip with solidar mixtureThe localities were the scene of major confrontation.

The land on both sides of the road is indicated by the symbol Dozens of craters caused by the explosionsEach hole corresponds to a cannon shot, with a missile effect. The two rivals make heavy use of artillery, which must destroy positions, threaten communication routes, and cut off advancing units. It is no coincidence that they called this front “meat grinder”.

A machine that swallows soldiers, swallows vehicles, and doesn’t leave a heavy trail of unexploded ordnance in the area. In recent months, the Russians have been able to advance with small steps by paying a very high price, while sending waves to attack. The consequences for the defenders are no less dire: it is the bloodiest stage, they say from Kyiv. Ammunition expenditure is also huge.

A few days ago, American sources claimed that the rate of fire had decreased dramatically. Some observers added that raiders are less accurate and therefore tend to saturate the target as long as they hit the target.

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