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Electricity and gas bills, Italians celebrate: big savings are on the way

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The super news is ready to reach Italians, with savings on bills: let’s see what it is.

In recent months we have seen a huge increase in the cost of bills. However, the super savings are ready to please the Italians. So let’s see what it is and how it will be possible to implement it.

Billing price finally drops with unexpected savings (via screenshot)

Protected market prices are finally dropping Electricity and gas bills After the last update Arrera. However, the biggest savings come with regards to the free market, as evidenced by the analysis Sub-tariffs And the Segugio.itIt appears that prices have fallen by about 24%. From the analysis of the two specialist sites, in fact, it becomes clear that the transition to the free market is still worth it, precisely because these savings are going away. 12.7 to 24.2%. However, the relevance and dissemination of fixed or frozen quotations are decreasing.

According to the study, electricity was supplied to the population, with a committed capacity of 3 kilowatts, and annual requirements 1400 kWh for singles. to 2400 kWh for couples and 3400 kWh For a family with two children. look at the squad Not connected You can save even more by subscribing to a profilemulti-hour display At a variable price with 24% savings compared to the protected market. while for couples The biggest savings come from offers at Duty Free a Variable price (about 20%)And the Multi-hour (13%) or mono (15%). For families of two parents and approx 22% Savings are obtained by adhering to free market offers at variable rates. So suppliers place great emphasis on these changing offerings above all else.

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Invoices, you can save at variable rates: latest update

Electricity and gas bills
Electricity and gas bills (AnsaFoto)

The price drop can also be seen from the latest Arera electric and gas update. The drop reported by Arrera is 10.2% for light Born in 10% for a typical family. According to recent data, it is clear that the family consumes annually 2700 kWh of electricity with committed power 3 kW Based on 1400 cubic meters of natural gas. This decrease is associated with a slight decrease in the prices of wholesale energy raw materials.

Precisely for this reason, choose offers with variable price It may be cheaper to link it to an index to the wholesale energy market. so for to save money best strategy Compare the lowest offers Perhaps using a comparison. Then once your first bill arrives, check all costs so you don’t get any surprises after signing up for one new decade. By doing this, you can be sure that you have saved on your bill.

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