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Lychee, needs and FA project model for agriculture

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The reform on the compulsory use of players who can be called up to the national team and members who have been registered for several years appears to be a response to the multi-ethnic Lecce Corvino leading the Primavera tournament

The negative moment for the first team, in the midst of a race for redemption, must not become part of Lecce’s three-year planning to implement a sustainable football model that cares more about budgets than sporting success. In the morning, CEO of LaGiovaneItalia Paolo Ghisoni, a project aimed at maximizing knowledge of Italian talent, harshly criticized Corvino and Lecce’s modus operandi. Respecting the point of view of one Italian football expert, it is wrong to imagine the Giallorossi’s work as a kind of threat that undermines the relaunch of the Italian football movement in crisis. And not just sports results.

Lecce’s goal is to play football without wasting, and to do so in the south, with clear annexes critical issuesWell, it’s not easy. It is possible to improve economic resources and at the same time modernize the stadium (after a long bureaucratic process) and create a team suitable for the first division while starting to sponsor the youth sector. Trying to improve, hone and then take advantage of the already formed talents, Lecce tries to fight between the greats and the latest discoveries Gonzalezmixed with the success of Coppitelli’s Primavera, put Lecce and the youth sector back on the cover after many years.

The way Lychee works starts with the men and the players. So on February 1, Corvino described his work starting with xenophobic criticisms made indirectly from many quarters. “The best players of Salento play with us, see what results we achieve with other local football schools. But then when we go out with the same guys we’re last, and not because we don’t get the best guys in the area. Obviously, this is the expression.”

To make Salento more competitive compared to other areas, we obviously repeat it in capital letters, Respect financial constraints and attempt to capture historical sporting achievements on a large scaleit is necessary to intervenebasic activity. Thus, to carry out the basic activities, structures and resources are needed to finance the implementation. For others, finding these resources from the first talents that have arisen since spring is a mistake. In the absence of alternatives in an area that today cannot express much football, it could be a different and innovative way to bring the church back into the center of the village after research work carried out all over Europe. Lecce knows this, and certainly does not keep an eye on the administrative and technical field. There are some in this regard heresy Boil in the pot.

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One aspect that must be emphasized is that, obviously, Lecce acted in full compliance with the rules of football and the bets are first and foremost economical thereafter. In a football of formal defects and punctuality, it is easy and misleading to look at the spot in a brother’s eye rather than at the ray in one’s own. Having made this bold statement, and returning to this morning’s article which spoke of “hot soup” in describing the Corvinian-bis Lecce methodology, referring to the lack of Tangible results in the long term (Unlike Empoli) One can go on with the metaphor. With hot soups, made in the hands of skilled chefs and with the right equipment, important dishes are conceivable, perhaps not starred, but dishes that make a restaurant grow. This is a challenge that Lecce alone has to win (quote), even compared to the past.

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