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Canada has come to Qatar and is already dreaming of a 2026 World Championship

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AGI – After 36 years, Canada has lifted the pass for the World Championships in Qatar and is already dreaming of a home appointment in 2026.. With the decisive 4-0 win over Jamaica, Canucks has written a historic page in North American football history, with football with one million registered coaches happily exploding an entire country.


Unprecedented ride

Behind the live stream of Bayern Munich star’s tears, Alfonsa Davis, Has an unprecedented cavalry force of red and white selection that overtook the United States and Mexico due to offensive football and new generation skills and topped the standings. As a result of the growth of the football movement, it also attracted Italian footballers such as Giovinko and Insine for many years. It will be good for 2026 when Canada, along with the United States and Mexico, hosts the first edition of its history.

The second time

But first is the appointment in Qatar, the second time in Canadian history. The last time this happened was in 1986 in Mexico. The Maple Leaf national team was eliminated from the group with three defeats. Since then, there has been a long ban on missed qualifications and early dismissals in the North and Central American competition Concacaf. Except for the early 2000s: the red and white teams won their first football title (2000), then stopped in the semifinals in the next edition and disappeared again from the radar. The new Canadian generation, which already includes Lilly Striker Davis and Jonathan David at 17 seasonal centers, now wants to be revived. The ticket to the World Championship, in fact, reached two days before the end of a journey without hesitation: 8 wins, 4 draws and only one defeat, 23 goals scored and only six collected. John Hertman of England, who has coached the national team since 2018, for many of the management ‘turning points’, with the icing on the cake against the American cousins.

Path starting from a distance

The return of the Maple Leaf national team to the world stage is especially the result of the path of football growth that has accelerated over the past decade. The starting point was the first Canadian team to participate in the Toronto MLS Championship in 2007, followed by the Vancouver Whitecaps in 2011 and the Montreal Impact in 2012. From the point of view of programming, the decisive factor The “Leading the Football Nation” project launched by the Canadian Football Association in 2014 With the aim of strengthening the youth sector and raising the quality of the football movement. The birth of the Canadian Premier League in 2019 is the final step in incorporating new talents born from the academies and supporting the return of players trained in Europe. When there were actually only three compared to 1986, today there are 15 soldiers stationed on the old continent.

Weight of immigrants

A demographic change is less connected with the hockey tradition and is more favorable to football and has affected the growth of the movement: One-fifth of the population is, in fact, immigrants and by 2036 it will be one-third. The number of juveniles involved in the Green Rectangle in recent years is nearly 800 thousand, 530 thousand more than those in the snow. European ‘ambassadors’, top football players, often at the end of their lives, like the United States, began to move to the land of the great lakes. In the beginning it was Sebastian Giovinko In 2015, at the height of his career, he left the Juventus to wear the Toronto shirt to win his first Mls title. The four-year partnership, with 68 goals in 116 games, helped lift the championship ahead of a thrilling return to Italy.

Insignia is coming

Taking on the legacy of the ‘nuclear ant’ in Toronto would be another pocket strikerLorenzo Insine, Will leave Naples at the end of the season after 118 goals in 426 appearances. As a dowry he will bring the class and the new European title, with the aim of raising the bar of the Canadian Championship. In short, there will be a weight to everything in the Knuckles race to be prepared for when the World Cup moves to the land of the big lakes. 2026 will be an opportunity to write another chapter in the Canadian fairy tale that has never won a medal, but is beyond its limits.

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