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In The Hunger Games, Lucy Graybeard will be very different from Katniss Everdeen. Here’s the big news

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The Hunger Games: The Crust of the Nightingale and the Serpentthe long-awaited prequel to the cinematic saga starring Jennifer Lawrence, is poised to bring the events of Panem back to big screens around the world.

Based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins, the long-awaited prequel takes place over… 60 years ago From the events of the mother movie hunger Gamesarriving in 2012. Here will be recounted the rise of the young Coriolanus Snow, who played the future tyrannical dictator for the occasion through Tom Blyth (Gilded Age, Billy the boy), and the new hero Lucy Gray Bird, played by Rachel Ziegler (West Side Storythe controversial live-action remake of the film snow white).

In a recent interview, the film’s director Francis Lawrence – who was behind the previous films in the saga – had the opportunity to reveal some additional details about the long-awaited character of Lucy Grey, explaining that this will be very different from Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss. Everdeen, and that he would suggest A essential difference a personality:

Katniss was an introvert and a survivor. She was soft-spoken, stoic, and one could say almost sexless. Lucy Gray, on the other hand, is showing off His sexual life. She is truly an actress.

Then Lawrence pointed to one special talent The hero played by Rachel Ziegler:

She loves being in front of an audience. He knows how to deal with his viewers manipulate b the people.

there Official summary From the movie it reads: Years before he became the tyrannical head of Panem, eighteen-year-old Coriolanus Snow was the last hope for the good name of his crumbling house: a proud family that had fallen from grace in the Capitol after the war. As the tenth edition of The Hunger Games approaches, young Snow fears for his reputation as he’s appointed mentor to Lucy Graybeard, a slick girl from squalid District 12. But when Lucy Gray charms the entire Panem nation by singing along to a defiant song at the harvest party, Snow knows he can turn things around in his favour. By combining their spectacle instincts with political cunning, Snow and Lucy aim to survive a race against time that will decide who is the Nightingale and who is the Serpent..

The film is directed by Francis Lawrencewhich is adapted from a screenplay I wrote Susan Collins In cooperation with Michael Arndt And Michael Leslie. Collins also appears as an executive producer alongside Tim Palin, Nina Jacobson, and Brad Simpson.

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The main cast includes young actors Rachel Ziegler And Tom Blythe In the roles of Lucy Graybird and Coriolanus Snow respectively. In addition to these other leading names such as Viola Davis In the role of Dr. Volumnia Gul, Peter Dinklage Like Casca Hybottom, Hunter Schafer Like the snow of the Tigris and Jason Schwartzman In the case of Lucretius Flickerman, “the lucky one.” They complete the cast Isobel Jesper Johns, Flora Lee Thieman, Honor Gillies, Eke Onyambo, Constantine Taft, Burn Gorman, Scott Fullan, Carl Spencer, Fionnula Flanagan, Michael Greco And Daniela Grobert.

The Hunger Games: The Crust of the Nightingale and the Serpent It will arrive in Italian cinemas one day November 16, 2023.

What do you think of Francis Lawrence’s words? Let us know in the comments!

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