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How much is this phone code worth? “Incredible”: pictures

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for several years in our pockets They spread in large quantities Telephone icons. You should know, that’s right As for coinsthe history of icons is Full of rare and precious specimens This is worth Wealth. The first phone code was produced in 1927; there STIPEL (Pedmontese and Lombard Interregional Telephone Company) Drafted on the occasion of Milan Trade Fair. From 1984 to 2001the value from the symbol It was from 200 lira, Until then Telecom replaced Phone cards 2000 lira. From 1927 onwards, it is estimated that SIP stop forever to mint coins as they were circulated The first public phones With IC card. But what is the value of some of these symbols nowadays? here you are short guide to determine its value.

Valuable tokens

What you see in the picture is classic Example of a phone code. To determine the price, you must first of all, Set date Thanks to 4 small numbers engraved on the bottom. In this case, the number 7603 It clearly indicates that this code was released in a month March 1976. However, there are so-called coins minting errors; On the back of this symbol, for example, is engraved One time phone. Do you think that on the well-known e-commerce for sale online there is a similar code on sale for 440 euros has a minting error; The phone is engraved upside down, resulting in, for the other side, absolutely not Effects upside down.

the first minted code by STIPEL in 1927On the other hand, it is subjectiveOr the legacy of Italian coins It is sold for a crazy amount 950 euros. Here too, it all depends on the state of their preservation; As for money, it is above all the conditions in which the sample exists set price It all depends, therefore, The year of issue and the state in which it is located.

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